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In the post-GB era, will you choose an electric car or a fuel motorcycle?

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I do not know when, electric vehicles have become an indispensable part of people's travel. City commuting, shopping, streets and alleys can be seen everywhere. However, as soon as the new national standard for electric vehicles came out, electric vehicles became the number one target of the traffic police. Strict policies made the users who have exceeded the standard miserable. It is gratifying that there is still a three-year transition period for the standard vehicles. It wasn't a killing.

Maybe someone who owns an over-standard car is considering. After the transition period, I choose to buy a new national standard electric car? Or choose to buy a fuel motorcycle? Which one is more cost-effective?


The new national standard for electric vehicles divides electric vehicles into three categories: electric bicycles, electric mopeds, and electric motorcycles, and strictly regulates the standards for each type of electric vehicle.

After reading these standards, I summarized: the new national standard electric bicycle is slow, can not carry people over 12 years old, and must be equipped with pedals, which are non-motorized vehicles. Although the new national standard electric moped is moderate in speed, it cannot carry people Belonging to a motor vehicle, the driver also needs to own a driving book; while an electric motorcycle is fast and allows an adult to carry it, but it still belongs to a motor vehicle and requires driving.

In the post-GB era, will you choose an electric car or a fuel motorcycle?

Some people say that electric bikes are too slow, and it is better to buy a bike than to buy it! To be honest. Some people say that you also need a driver's license to buy electric (light) motorcycles. It's better to buy a fuel motorcycle. You don't have to worry about battery life and you can run fast! It seems to make sense. Others say, wait! Judging from the current situation, electric motorcycles are developing rapidly. I am afraid that if you buy a fuel-powered motorcycle and the city bans motorcycles, then you will lose more than you pay!

In the author's opinion, the most important thing now is to use the time of the transition period of super cars, and go to the driving school to get a motorcycle book, no matter whether you buy electric motorcycles or fuel motorcycles, you can use them later.

In the post-GB era, will you choose an electric car or a fuel motorcycle?

In terms of which car to buy, I am relatively optimistic about the market development of electric motorcycles. I have to say that electric motorcycles can also be as cool as motorcycles. In addition, electric motorcycles are clean energy. Electric motorcycles are still the trend of the times, and some cities are still banned. Even if you buy a fuel-powered motorcycle, you can't go on the road. At this time, you may wish to look at electric motorcycles.

In fact, buying intention still depends on everyone's preferences. What do you think about buying electric cars or motorcycles?