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MIT is said to have launched a better shared scooter

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Currently, a MIT transportation robotics company is preparing to launch a better ride. Super Pedestrian is now equipped with $ 20 million in new financing to support its role in scooter sharing advantages in mass production.

Safety and reliability are major concerns for riders and cities, and they are still struggling to regulate the influx of crowded sidewalks and bicycle lanes. Currently, fleet operators must frequently repair, charge and replace vehicles, and the cost is huge.

According to Sucridestrian, the main focus of the scooter-sharing industry is improving machinery and connectivity, and while this is important, it has not brought enough revenue. With cities now tightening safety requirements and operators seeking a path to profitability, there is an urgent need to significantly improve car and fleet technology.

MIT is said to have launched a better shared scooter

Former Lyft and Lime policy director Emily Castor Warren said: "Today, scooter operators are not designing critical electronic systems in cars; they are providing off-the-shelf hardware to enable There is little control over vehicle functions. This prevents them from detecting and solving core vehicle safety and reliability issues. "Warren added:" In the minds of riders and city leaders, safety is the most important consideration, and operators The challenge must be met by deploying safer, self-sustaining vehicles. Today, Super Cars is the only company that designs all vehicle control systems from start to finish, developing a scooter that protects riders if something goes wrong, and Deliver the product quality that city leaders expect, "Warren added.

Sudeldestrian hopes to help solve these problems with a system of embedded computers and proprietary software that can control batteries, motors, data encryption, communications, and decision-making. With this platform, the new scooter immediately detects hundreds of incidents that could cause failure, classifies each issue without intervention, and determines the appropriate response to prevent the problem from causing damage to the vehicle or rider.

MIT is said to have launched a better shared scooter

Some common issues that plague the scooter-sharing industry include battery fires, which may be caused by water penetration, internal wire cuts, and battery temperature imbalances. Yayong Destrang's system is designed to detect short circuits throughout the vehicle and disconnect the battery electronically before damage progresses.

Braking issues are also common on shared scooters. Compared to other scooters, the braking distance of a superbike has been reduced by 60%. Its vehicles also provide reliable electronic braking, which continuously adjusts the braking energy into the battery while taking in excess heat.

Of course, if the city starts banning scooters, none of these safety protocols will help. Cities have designated certain public areas as low-speed, non-cycling, or non-parking, but current scooters show significant lag in enforcing these rules. This can cause riders to speed or stop in restricted areas.

MIT is said to have launched a better shared scooter

Perhaps the most striking feature of supercars is that, at least in the long term, they store all the city rules on board to enforce speed and parking restrictions.

"As the scooter industry grows, we are seeing huge demand, and operators are looking for fleets that can significantly improve safety and reliability," said Asaf Badman, founder and CEO of Super Equestrian Technology. "" Our scooter autonomy enables us to provide a fleet solution and establish a new safety standard. At the same time, our platform enables our operator partners to achieve new levels of operational efficiency and promote sustainability increase."