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Four unique electric vehicle designs, let’s take a look?

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Electric vehicles, which are flexible and convenient to move, are increasingly welcomed by consumers. Because it is an essential artifact that can make you stand out in the traffic jam. Many designers also found that this baby started to pay more and more attention to electric vehicle design. Let's take a look at these super-sense electric vehicle designs with the editors of industrial design companies!

NO1. Yunma C1

Four unique electric vehicle designs, let's take a look?

The biggest feature of this electric car design is simplicity and fashion. It combines the elements of today's fashion. Coupled with simple design and bright lines, it has become a small number of ins-style products in the current electric vehicle design market.

NO2: Artimo World

Four unique electric vehicle designs, let's take a look?

Doesn't it look like a beach bike at first glance? The wide tires do give a heavy feeling. Not only can it help you commute in the city, but the thicker tires also bring you a different riding experience. Its shock absorption and grip are also very strong. You don't have to worry about bad weather. It will give you a sense of security. It is also a great choice when playing.

NO3: Emma series

Four unique electric vehicle designs, let's take a look?

At first glance, this electric car design was turned into a student party because it was so cute. The configuration and appearance of the vehicle are also very well matched. With its 450W power and 48V 15Ah battery, it can meet your needs for electric vehicles. Meng Mengda's appearance, does it make you want to stop it?

NO4: Red and Black Cyclone Mavericks

Four unique electric vehicle designs, let's take a look?

The Mavericks electric car design is full of Internet style, and is carried forward. The combination of red and black shows a sense of collision. The Spanish bullfighter has the calmness and the Spanish bullfighting. Riding out is a beautiful landscape.

The above is the explosive electric vehicle design introduced by Xiaobian for everyone, so that you can enjoy your riding experience with great feeling. Act when your heart is moving!