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New PoQee Bukit launches! A kid scooter that can “eat”

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Can scooters still "eat"? Such a magical car, let Xiaobian take everyone to take a look at this amazing new design of small buns!

1. Beautiful models with outstanding texture

Three beautiful and colorful candy colors, low-saturation color matching is more high-end atmosphere. The refreshing, soft and cute models, like marshmallows, give children a sweet and beautiful feeling.

New PoQee Bukit launches! A kid scooter that can

Fantastic cherry powder, sweet pink breath, is a magic weapon for sweet babies. The refreshing mint green, innocent and fresh beauty, adds a vitality to the child's riding. The soft and sweet taro purple, the warm colors of the sun, give the child a beautiful and comfortable ride.

Food materials, health and environmental protection

One to two-year-old children are in the sensitive period of lips, and they will have the habit of biting and choking. The marshmallow scooter is made of food-grade materials, carefully selected environmentally friendly pp materials, non-toxic and odorless, healthy and environmentally friendly, children can rest assured to "eat"! However, it is not a good habit for children to like random biting. Parents must guide their children correctly, spend the sensitive period of the lips as soon as possible, and get rid of the bad habits of random biting.

New PoQee Bukit launches! A kid scooter that can

3. Begin with face value, loyal to quality

Safety is the most important thing for parents to buy scooters for their children. Scooter, as a sporty children's toy, small buns not only want it online, but safety of scooters has always been the bottom line of design and production.

The combination of the extended button and the anti-swaying buckle makes the handlebar height adjustment more stable and reliable, which effectively prevents children from riding in the danger of the handlebar shaking or the handlebar suddenly falling. At the same time, the aperture size of the button is less than 5mm, and it will not be caught by the child's little finger when lifting height. There should be no negligence in small details.

The large pedal design has excellent pressure resistance and the vehicle's safe load capacity is 50kg.

New PoQee Bukit launches! A kid scooter that can

The full-wrapped, non-angular structure prevents sharp parts of the scooter and the risk of scratches, making it safer for children to ride. At the same time, there are hundreds of 3D non-slip points on the bottom plate, and children can glide boldly ~

Anti-collision head with a width of 15cm, arched wrap, cute design of Q Moe, with gravity steering sensors on both sides, which can help children maintain the body's center of gravity during riding and prevent rollover and wrestling. Left to right, the front wheels can return to the center.

Ultra-high transparency pu wheels, no need to install batteries for magnetic power generation, three kinds of cool colorful lights, no matter where they ride, are the brightest cubs. The bottom surface of the wheel is large enough, not afraid of skidding, and bravely challenge various roads ~

For a comfortable scooter, the matching of bearings is very important. Marshmallow uses roller grade ABEC-7 high precision bearings, and most children's scooters on the market use ABEC-5 bearings. The upgraded bearings make it easier and happier for children.

Third, grow up with your partner

The vehicle height can be adjusted in four gears, which can meet the needs of children of different heights at different stages. Just pull the safety buckle to the right, press down on the marbles, and then raise the lever up to a suitable height, and finally lock the safety buckle to the left.

The folding device that can be controlled with one hand can be easily operated with only a little hard pull. It does not take up space at all, and it can be put in the trunk to help parents bring their baby easily.

This scooter sounds attractive, so hurry up and bring home the love of the little buns to the children. For the children, it ’s a blessing to own such a cute, soft and cute scooter Gotta jump!