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Which electric unicycle or electric scooter is more practical?

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Which is more practical, electric unicycles and electric scooters? Electric unicycles and electric scooters are popular with many young people today because they can effectively avoid congestion in cities and are suitable for short-distance travel. So, which is more practical for electric unicycles and electric scooters? We explain from the following aspects:

Which electric unicycle or electric scooter is more practical?


Regardless of electric unicycles or electric scooters, safety is one of the most important.

If you buy electric unicycles and electric scooters from regular manufacturers, driving accidents caused by quality problems generally do not occur, so the factors that affect safety on the road often lie in emergencies. In the event of an emergency, the car's brakes need to be compared. For electric unicycles, it controls the direction of the car body through the center of gravity, and the brakes also brake according to the center of gravity. The braking of the electric scooter is realized manually, relatively speaking, the safety of the electric scooter will be higher.

2, passability

In general, the larger the size of the wheel hub, the larger the tire contact surface, the lower the slip angle of the car due to the soft deformation of the belly when turning, the higher the pointing accuracy and the faster the response of the car , And the richer the message transmitted to the driver from the road, the more direct the control, and the better the passability.

Which electric unicycle or electric scooter is more practical?

Electric unicycles use large wheels, which can not only cross-country on complex mountain trails, but also the highest speed bumps encountered in daily life can be easily passed, which can directly press the barriers of ordinary sidewalks. The electric scooter tires are relatively inferior, but they are enough for ordinary urban travel.

3. fun

Now that it is passing, let's talk about fun. Electric unicycles are excellent in passing, so its control mode can also play a lot of fancy actions, and its fun is self-evident. The product positioning of electric scooters is closer to practical transportation, and fun is not the starting point of this product design. Therefore, if you want to have fun and play with yourself, an electric unicycle is of course the best choice.


Among the products with a range of 10-15 kilometers, electric unicycles are generally about 11kg, and the size is small. Many of the current electric scooters support folding, which is also relatively easy to carry (this design should also pay special attention when buying, electric folding scooters with folding functions are much more convenient). If you run out of power and your electric unicycle has a putter, it's as good to carry as an electric scooter.

5. Threshold of learning

There is no need to say more about this, and there are not a few friends who complain that electric unicycles are difficult to learn. Getting started with an electric scooter is easy. It can be said that once you get on the car, you can become an old driver. In this round, the electric scooter has won.

The above is about the electric unicycle and electric scooter, which is more practical. I will introduce it here. In the end, whichever is more practical, as long as you like it, it is as simple as that. No matter what kind of product you buy, you must travel safely, and do not pursue the pleasure of speed ~

Which electric unicycle or electric scooter is more practical?