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Jingmai launches Ionex electric scooter at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show

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At the Tokyo Motor Show in 2018, its first electric scooter, Ionex, made its debut in the electric mobile segment. The Taiwan-based Golden Horse is known for its 50 to 150 cc motorcycles and motorcycles, and its two-wheeled motorcycles are exported to many countries around the world. (At the same time, reading the flow of 22 motors) Ionex brings a new charging direction that basically allows the battery to charge while it is running. It consists of a core battery and a set of removable batteries. While the core battery is used to charge itself from an interchangeable battery to keep itself fully charged, its power bike has no interchangeable battery as well. When you go out to ride a bicycle, the replaceable battery can be removed and recharged in your home or office. Once the battery is charged, you can simply plug it into the space on the floor and exchange it with the discharged secondary battery.

Jingmai launches Ionex electric scooter at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show

An advantage of a primary battery having a set of secondary replaceable batteries is that the scooter is never in a dormant position when the battery is being charged. The weight of the battery itself is only 5 kg, and the position of the battery holder is convenient, which is not a trouble to exchange. Having a battery under the floor means a lower center of gravity, which leads to better handling. It also frees up a lot of storage space under the seat.

In order to prevent you from planning long-distance travel, Golden Horse has reserved three extra batteries under the seat. It is said that these extra batteries will increase the range to 200 kilometers. Kymco chairman Allen Ko said the bicycle manufacturer plans to launch 10 electric models, build charging networks in 20 countries, and sell more than 500,000 electric vehicles worldwide in the next three years.