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2019 electric vehicle policy collection!

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2019 electric vehicle policy collection!

1. Zunyi Tonglu added 1500 two-wheeler parking spaces

Recently, Zunyi Tonglu added 1,500 two-wheeler parking spaces. In order to effectively solve the phenomenon of random parking of electric vehicles in urban areas, the Comprehensive Administrative Enforcement Bureau adopted a combination of blocking and sparse vehicles in urban areas. In addition to the establishment of a special rectification group to drag and punish illegal vehicles in urban areas, a toilet 1200 was added. In addition, 1,500 new two-wheeled parking spaces have been added, which further facilitates the citizens who travel by bicycle. It is understood that this year Tonglu has invested more than 200,000 yuan to build two-wheeled vehicles. At present, there are 843 two-wheeled vehicles in the city, with a total length of more than 4,200 meters. Since the establishment of parking racks, the phenomenon of urban electric vehicle violations has been significantly reduced.

2019 electric vehicle policy collection!

2. Wuxi County will stop registering over-standard two-wheel electric vehicles

In order to further standardize the production, sales and use management of electric vehicles, we will effectively solve the problem of electric vehicle management. Recently, the Public Security Bureau Traffic Patrol Brigade announced that starting from October 15, it will stop registering two-wheeled electric vehicles that exceed the standard. After October 15th, electric vehicles that are not registered are not allowed to drive on the road, and the patrol police will investigate and deal with the electric vehicles that have not been registered. Electric vehicles on the road need to have a license, insurance, helmet, one-person, right-hand standard.

2019 electric vehicle policy collection!

3. On October 1st, local policies began to start.

Binzhou, Shandong: From October 1st, the no-go zone will be demarcated. The low-speed electric vehicles will not be allowed to go on the road without a license. Binzhou City will stipulate the no-go zone. It is strictly forbidden to enter the low-speed electric vehicles and guide the gradual withdrawal of vehicles with excessive standards. The ultra-standard low-speed electric vehicle is set to a three-year transition period, that is, from November 1, 2019 to October 31, 2022. If the driver is on the road during the three-year transition period, the driver must obtain the driving qualification of the corresponding model, otherwise he will be punished according to the unlicensed driving. After the three-year transition period, the over-standard electric vehicles that do not meet the registration situation may not be driven on the road, otherwise they will be detained according to law.

Wuxi, Jiangsu: From October 1st, the over-standard electric vehicle will no longer be filed, and the Wuxi Vehicle Management Office will no longer accept pre-recorded information for the over-standard electric vehicle. It is reported that there are still about 1 million Wuxi electric vehicles that have not been online. Once the deadline is exceeded, the 1 million electric vehicles will not be able to go online. From January 1 next year, Wuxi traffic police will strictly check unlicensed electric vehicles.

2019 electric vehicle policy collection!

Jingzhou, Hubei: From October 1st, unlicensed electric vehicles are forbidden to go on the road. Jingzhou City Traffic Management Department said that from October 1st, it is strictly forbidden to drive electric vehicles without hanging number plates, otherwise they will be seized according to law.

Ningde, Fujian: From October 1st, the over-standard electric vehicle was completely banned. From October 1st, the transition period of the over-standard electric vehicle in the downtown area of Ningde was completely banned, and the illegal road will face punishment.

4. Fuyang opens for a three-month rectification work

The Puyang Municipal Market Supervision Bureau decided to start a three-month special treatment of electric bicycles in the whole city from mid-September 2019 to the end of December. This special governance work will carry out a tidying of all electric bicycle manufacturers in Fuyang City, urged enterprises to upgrade and upgrade production lines in accordance with the new standards, and strictly prohibit the production of electric bicycles that do not meet the new standards. Strengthen the management of compulsory product certification (CCC certification) for electric bicycles, avoid vehicles that do not meet the new standards and obtain CCC certification and flow into the market; strictly check unlicensed production, production beyond the scope of compulsory product certification, production in accordance with new standards, etc. behavior.

2019 electric vehicle policy collection!

5. Shenzhen new regulations for comments

Recently, the Shenzhen Legal Affairs Office has drafted a draft of the regulations on electric bicycle management in Shenzhen, and publicly solicited opinions from the public. After the electric bicycle is filed, it can be driven on the road. The offender is fined 200 yuan, and the illegal behavior of not wearing a safety helmet is strictly investigated. The traffic police brigade said that the next step will be to carry out special rectification actions without interruption, further strengthen the traffic safety awareness of the electricians wearing helmets and effectively improve the road safety order in the jurisdiction. The traffic police said that the citizens who would be strict in rectifying and educating bicycles should wear a safety helmet on the road, because it is necessary to protect you and me on the traffic road.