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Bird’s first non-electric scooter is designed for kids

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Bird is making traditional pedal scooters for children. The California-based startup has launched a baseless electric scooter to countless cities, and it will sell its child-friendly Birdie for $129 during the entire holiday season. The car is available in three colours - jet black, dove white and electric rose - with all the basic functions of a three-wheeled scooter, such as a height-adjustable handlebar, a tilting steering frame and a rear-mounted "stepping brake". The company warns that only "limited quantities" of products can be produced, so if you want, take action as soon as possible.

Bird's first non-electric scooter is designed for kids

So why is Bird doing this? The company doesn't seem to have plans to add Birdie to its electric scooter and cruiser fleet. In the press release, the startup said it was just to "satisfy the demand for non-electric scooters designed for children." Bird can increase the company's revenue during the holiday season and enhance the brand's visibility with certain demographics - if the no-dock scooter can last long enough, they can finally download the app and spend it on the motorized rides. Your own money. That's why countless automakers, including Tesla, manufacture the most iconic cars in their size.

Bird's first non-electric scooter is designed for kids

Bird's CEO Travis VanderZanden said: "Birth is a way to pay tribute to Bird's establishment and to provide opportunities for family to ride together is a fun way." This is a good idea, although I can't imagine a child. - Especially a child riding a Bird - keep up with the parents' electric scooter.