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Sky-cooled electric car charging remember these ten tricks, will make your car run 10 kilometers more!

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The weather suddenly turned cold in the past two days, and the light snow festival is coming. It’s cold, it’s inconvenient for our trip. What’s more, our battery car is charged with the same power. It didn’t run far before. This article introduces 10 methods and techniques for charging the battery when it’s cold. Charge 10 kilometers for a single charge! All dry goods! Very practical, recommended collection.

1. To charge indoors, the time is extended by 1-2 hours

In winter, the weather is getting colder. Our electric car should be charged indoors, and the charging time should be extended more than in the summer. After the charger is turned on, it can be charged for 1-2 hours, but it can't be charged for a long time.

2. To charge frequently, don't wait for the battery to run out and recharge

When the weather gets cold, remember to charge every day, don't let the battery starve, otherwise it will affect the battery life.

3. When the electric vehicle power is not lower than 30%, it will be charged in time.

When the weather is cold, the electric vehicle battery should not be less than 30%, so it should be charged in time. If the battery is below 25%, it will cause damage to the battery. That is to say, when the battery power is reduced to about 60-70%, it can be charged, because the battery use process is also the process of vulcanization of the battery. When the battery is vulcanized to a certain extent, it means that the life is up, if the power is used up. The next 10% of the time to start charging, it means that 90% of the battery is used and involved in the vulcanization process, while the opposite one usually uses 70% of the remaining electricity to start charging, indicating that only 30% of his battery is involved in vulcanization. The rest is still in a new state, so it will naturally grow longer when it is cycled. This is the reason for the winter charging.

4. Cooling battery material activity reduces capacitance reduction

When the battery of the electric vehicle is at 25 ° C, the material activity inside the battery is the best, and the capacity of the battery can also be maximized. When the temperature drops below 10 °C, the stored capacity of the lead-acid battery will be reduced by 20%-30%. When the temperature drops below 0 °C, the stored electricity will be reduced by 30% - 50% or even more, because the active ingredients contained in the battery, the temperature drops, the active substance is not fully decomposed, and the amount of electricity is reduced, which is a normal phenomenon.

Sky-cooled electric car charging remember these ten tricks, will make your car run 10 kilometers more!

5. Pay attention to the power at any time, try not to use smart fast charge

The fast charging station is a charging device that allows the electric vehicle battery to flush into a certain amount of electricity in a short time by charging with a large current. The fast charging stations on the market mostly use high-voltage and high-current pulse charging, and the high-current charging may cause damage to the battery. Always pay attention to the electric car's power and charge it in time. Eating too fast once, the "stomach" will be uncomfortable.

6. When starting uphill, use artificial boost or slow acceleration

When the electric vehicle starts up and goes uphill in winter, if there is an ankle, try to use the ankle to help, and slowly accelerate evenly without the ankle. Do not suddenly turn the handle to the end, otherwise the power consumption will increase due to the large current discharge. The battery may be "strained". Do not overspeed and maintain low speed and uniform driving habits. The so-called low speed is to keep below 25 km/h. Because too high speed requires more power to support, you can imagine how strong the internal reaction of the battery will be, and uniform speed is very important. Quick start and sudden braking will make the battery The voltage rises and falls, which affects the life, so usually try to slow down the brakes and protect the battery.

7. The battery life is significantly reduced to be detected

When it is found that the electric vehicle's power is obviously low, and no other reason can be found, it is best to take the car to an electric car shop or a repair shop for inspection to see if there is a problem with the battery.

8. The car is not used for a long time, and it is charged once a month.

If your electric car is not used for a long time, pay attention to charge the battery once a month to avoid battery vulcanization and damage the battery.

9. To use qualified manufacturers qualified charger, pay attention to charging safety

Purchase qualified chargers from regular manufacturers, and ensure that the battery is in the valid period, overcharged or inferior chargers will have adverse effects on the battery, and even lead to fire. At the same time, do not have debris next to the charge, especially flammable items to ensure safe charging.

10. Battery power is normal, don't rush to change battery

In winter, the battery capacity of the battery car becomes smaller, and it is normal for a long time to ride. When the weather is warm, the electric car will be "automatically" restored. When the temperature is lower than 0 °C, the battery's power will drop by 50%. If the temperature is lower than minus 10 °C, the battery's power is not even 30% of the capacity, so it is normal for the electric car battery to drop in the winter. Don't rush to replace the battery.

[Summary] Remember the above ten tricks, so that your electric car is safe and worry-free in winter. If you do it, the cold weather can keep your electric car battery in good combat state and let your car run more. ten kilometers.