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Two-wheel electric vehicle intelligent power exchange system stationed in Sanya

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Electric vehicles replace "charging" with "changing electricity." Sanya Manpower Future Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. settled in Sanya Internet Double Innovation Center and was formally established. In the future, the company is committed to developing a distributed energy and power station software platform, building a Sanya smart two-wheel electric vehicle energy-changing network, improving the government's energy information and data management level, and solving the safety problems of citizens' electric vehicle charging. Safe and efficient travel mode, Sanya City will become a "green + new energy demonstration city" of "Internet +".

Two-wheel electric vehicle intelligent power exchange system stationed in Sanya

Sanya Manpower has landed in Sanya, catering to the “4+3+2+2” project proposed in the “13th Five-Year Plan of Action for Promoting Smart City Construction in Sanya City”, namely the application areas of the four smart cities and the three major information bases. The planning of the facilities, the two security systems, and the two top-level systems have received strong support from the Sanya municipal government. In addition to guaranteeing the Sanya Mange Power's landing in the Internet Double-Chuang Center, the Sanya Municipal Government is also expected to include Sanya Manpower in the key Internet industry project library in Sanya.

"Car + cabinet + electricity + cloud, only 6 seconds for each power change, to create an efficient and intelligent distribution environment." In the Internet double-creation center, Sanya Daily reporter saw that the staff demonstrated the operation of Sanya Mange's future intelligent power-changing system The process is very simple and fast, the staff told reporters that the system includes four categories of smart electric vehicles + power change cabinet + lithium battery + cloud background in line with the new national standard. According to data research, each full-time power change cabinet can serve about 20 riders, covering the rider's needs within a range of 3 to 5 kilometers. 7*24 hours intelligent monitoring and non-inductive power-changing technology basically guarantees users to change electricity all day long in 6 seconds, solve the problem of difficult charging, slow charging and short battery life of users such as take-away and courier brothers, and create an overall high efficiency in Sanya. Intelligent distribution environment.

"Support vehicle rental, flexible use." Li Yibo, the person in charge of Sanya Mange Future Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. introduced that through the continuous innovation of technology, Sanya Manpower will attach thermostats to the high-temperature environment of Sanya in the future. Ensure that the change cabinet can operate normally in high temperature environments. According to the preliminary planning, Sanya Manpower plans to deploy 5,000 power exchange cabinets in Sanya City. In addition to covering the major commercial districts in the city, it will also cover tourist attractions such as Haitang Bay, Sanya Bay and Yalong Bay to adapt to Sanya City as a tourist. The city has a large tourist population and a wide range of tourist activities, thus transforming and serving 80,000 users.