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“Anger Bird” launched an electric scooter. The louder the voice, the faster it runs.

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Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Angry Birds, the developer has produced a limited number of 100 electric scooters that you can ride to wherever you want, but! To drive this car, you need your roar.

This year is 2019, and everyone is angry, but if your anger can have some positive effects on the world? In order to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the game, the Angry Birds developer launched the Rage Rider electric scooter.

"Anger Knight" is different from the general, it works like this, you just pull out your anger, with roar, "Anger Knight" will turn it into power, and the more you scream, the faster the car runs .

People in the 1950s thought that in the future the world would drive a flying car, but in 2019, people have to squat on the electric scooter to make it run faster.

Do you also want to have an "angry knight"? Sorry, there are only 100 units in the world, and we can't buy them directly. The developers will give these 100 electric cars to some people, but in the end it will not be us.