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Looking for a new direction under the new national standard, where should the electric car go?

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The popularity of electric vehicles has become an irreversible trend

Electric car travel has become an important tool to ease the pressure of urban traffic, and is now favored by more and more users. According to statistics, at present, the domestic two-wheel electric vehicle market has more than 250 million vehicles, and in 2018, the sales volume exceeded 30 million, exceeding the sales volume of automobiles. Two-wheel electric vehicles have become an integral part of urban transport. At the same time, the problems of low quality, excessive standards and poor safety in the two-wheeled electric vehicle market have become a problem that plagues urban management.

Looking for a new direction under the new national standard, where should the electric car go?

Since the implementation of the new national standard, the technical standards system for electric bicycles has been perfected, and the standards for vehicle safety, mechanical safety, electrical safety, fire retardant and tamper-proof have been standardized, laying a foundation for promoting the high-quality development of the electric bicycle industry. At the same time, all the provisions of the new national standard must be enforced, blocking the loopholes of the original standard, and providing support for the management and governance of electric bicycle use.

Electric vehicles must take the road of technological innovation under the new situation

The implementation of the new national standard not only led to the growth of the market, but also brought about the progressive development of technological innovation. At the same time, it marks that the threshold of the electric vehicle industry has been improved. Under the new standards and new situations, various enterprises are also making surprises and innovating roads!

Lithium batteries, which are widely acclaimed in the market, continue to strengthen research and development according to the new national standard, and create a product matrix with many models and strong performance. Nowadays, various problems that plague the industry: explosion-proof, life, endurance, shockproof, fast charge, these are perfect. Solved, showing the strong strength of technology.

Information technology, the Internet, big data, etc. are also changing the two-wheeled electric vehicle industry. The application of intelligent APP, lithium battery safety protection system and user riding habit optimization algorithm will bring different new feelings to electric two-wheeler users.

Technology - the road to the future

The times are developing, and the tools people travel are also advancing with the times. As the performance of two-wheeled electric vehicles continues to escalate, it will become an important choice for us to travel, and even contribute to the city management!

We always feel the power of technology, so in the future city, what will people's travel tools look like, and what kind of innovation is there in electric cars? We can look forward to it!