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Harbin Travel: Conforming to the new trend of consumption to accelerate the “two rounds” of ecological expansion

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In densely populated China, two-round travel is one of the important tools to facilitate people's lives and ease traffic pressure. Since its establishment three years ago, Harbin has traveled around the short, medium and long-distance travel service needs of users, from one-stop two-wheel travel services such as Harbin bicycle, Harbin bicycle and Harbin electric vehicle service, to two-wheeled basis for power exchange service. Facility services, providing a total of more than 12.3 billion travel services.

Harbin Travel: Conforming to the new trend of consumption to accelerate the "two rounds" of ecological expansion

Focus on two rounds of travel

In 2016, Harbin traveled from a shared bicycle to a single point of breakthrough, changed the deposit model of shared bicycles through the non-exempt service, and realized more scientific, reasonable and efficient bicycle operation and management based on the intelligent operation of technology-driven and data intelligence. .

In 2017, Harbin launched a moped in major cities to bring more lightweight, intelligent, safe and environmentally friendly public transport to the public.

In August 2018, the Harbin electric vehicle project was officially launched. In May this year, the Harbin electric vehicle rental and sales platform began to start the pace of opening the country.

Harbin's electric vehicle service business is one of the important manifestations of Harbin's two-round strategy. Harbin travels using its own Hubble big data, vehicle and other technology, and empowers traditional electric vehicle manufacturers and channel providers in a platform-based way to provide one-stop standardized service content such as leasing, sales and maintenance.

Open ecological expansion

As one of the national travel tools, China's two-wheeled electric vehicles are close to 350 million, with an annual increase of 40 million units and nearly 100 million charge cycles per day. However, electric vehicle charging fire accidents frequently occur, and problems such as "difficulty in charging" and "insufficient power" also plague most users.

Harbin Travel: Conforming to the new trend of consumption to accelerate the "two rounds" of ecological expansion

In order to solve the pain points such as electric vehicle charging and battery life, an efficient and convenient power exchange mode came into being. On June 12 this year, Harbin traveled together with Ningde Times and Ant Financial Service. In the first phase, he jointly invested RMB 1 billion to establish a joint venture company, and launched the “Hao Hao Power Change Service” to locate the two-wheel electric vehicle basic energy network, laying two rounds of foundation. Energy network.

Users only need to “scan code, open the cabinet, change the power, complete” in front of the intelligent power change cabinet to complete the whole process of power exchange. Harbin's power exchange business not only solves the problem of electric vehicle battery life, but also effectively avoids the safety hazard caused by private charging. The improvement of service and security will undoubtedly have great appeal to electric vehicle consumers.

Up to now, Harbin's electric vehicle service platform business has already spread nearly 100 cities, distributed in Shandong, Henan, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Yunnan, Hubei and other places. Shandong Jinan, Zibo, Weifang, Linyi and Dongying have already provided stores.啰Electric car service.

From Harbin bicycles to Harbin bicycles, from Harbin electric vehicle service platform to Harbin exchange service, Haha traveled two rounds of deep-seated travel to build a two-round ecological circle. Han Mi Hanmei, co-founder of Harbin Travel, said: "The market for two-round travel industry is huge, and there may be 10 or even 100 times incremental space in the future."