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Foreign industry information | New seated scooter enters Memphis

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Memphis welcomed a new electric scooter company. OJO brings more than 200 new electric scooters to the streets of Bluff, but these scooters offer something different from other electric scooters.

“This is a seated scooter. In addition, we have pneumatic tires and front and rear disc brakes for a safer driving experience,” said Matt Tolan, vice president of sales and partners at OJO Electric.

The OJO scooter is now at the stop in Memphis and they are working with the Explore Bike Company.

Foreign industry information | New seated scooter enters Memphis

“We will be launching at 30 Explore Bike Sharing Stations. This will be the initial parking space that can be found on the OJO app,” said Ojo Bike Sharing Executive Director Trey Moore.

On Wednesday, the company invited people to ride electric scooters to designated locations in the city.

Before they got on the bus, OJO presented the rider with a free helmet.

When the OJO electric scooter is used and it is not parked in the designated parking area, the user will be charged.

Moore said: "The parking fee outside the parking area is $5. If it is convenient, then this is also an option for our users."

The opening fee for the OJO scooter is $1.25, and then 20 cents for each minute of use.