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Convinced that the prospect of two-wheeled electric vehicles is broad, Yadi shifts speed and then upgrades

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The industry's first graphene battery technology, global sales champion of two-wheel electric vehicles for new energy for four consecutive years, global sales exceeded 5 million units, exported to 83 countries and regions around the world... as a private enterprise starting from motorcycle manufacturing, Yadi is now a shining business card for China's own brands in the world of two-wheel electric vehicles. When talking about the growth path of the company, Dong Jinggui, chairman of Yadi Holdings, said: "It is China's reform and opening up, which has given birth to Yadi. It is the rapid development of China's electric vehicle market and has made Yadi; it is insisting on independent innovation and high-end development. The road has grown Yadi."

Under the opportunity of the new energy two-wheel electric vehicle to adapt to the times and become the trend of the times, new energy travel will become a new growth pole for China's economic development, and industrial design companies have entered a new stage of transformation and upgrading.

In 2019, the domestic electric two-wheeler industry has undergone unprecedented changes. In April, the launch of the “new national standard” for two-wheeled electric vehicles was seen as a reshuffle of the domestic electric two-wheeler industry. For a time, all electric vehicle companies in China are facing the industrial challenges brought by the new national standard.

Convinced that the prospect of two-wheeled electric vehicles is broad, Yadi shifts speed and then upgrades

Yadi's confidence in electric vehicles comes from two major aspects, one is due to the scale effect, and the other is the confidence in products and technology. He said that the electric two-wheeler market will be transformed into technology-driven product innovation, regulating the industry and promoting brand upgrades. The new national standard has driven the integration of the electric two-wheeler industry, the electric vehicle brand will be reduced, and the market share will be concentrated to the leading enterprises. It is both a challenge and an opportunity for Yadi.

Taking battery technology as an example, Yadi launched the first graphene battery in the two-wheel electric vehicle industry independently researched and developed in June 2019, which brought a new breakthrough for the core technology of electric vehicles. The battery has a cycle life of more than 1000 times, the life expectancy has increased to 3 times, the battery life is 50 kilometers for one hour, and the cruising range is increased by 10%. The measured performance is far superior to the traditional lead-acid battery.

The iteration of core technologies brings high-end brand demand. In terms of brand innovation, Yadi will implement a multi-brand strategy from 2020 to meet the needs of different sectors of the population. In addition to electric two-wheelers, Yadi will also launch new products around scooters, sedans, express cars, balance cars, and kartings in new energy travel, and give the brand a richer connotation.