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Children’s scooters are difficult to choose from. Pxid industrial design company gives you a trick!

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Children riding scooters can better exercise the lower limbs and waist muscles, exercise the coordination and balance of the body, help the development of the vestibular organs, and cultivate courage and confidence to satisfy the desire to explore. There are so many types of children's scooters, how should you choose? Pxid Industrial Design Company gives you a trick!

(1) Purchase tips

1. Choose a scooter suitable for children to play.

The instructions for the use of the children's scooter will indicate the age and maximum load, ie the age and weight range of the user. The right product should be selected based on the child's actual age and weight.

The balance skills required for scooters of different structures are different. Parents should also choose the body skills based on their balance and control skills. In addition, parents should check their safety, slip resistance and braking performance according to different scooters.

According to different structures, children's scooters are divided into three categories: three-wheeled scooters, two-wheeled scooters and frog scooters.

Children's scooters are difficult to choose from. Pxid industrial design company gives you a trick!

The structure of the three-wheeled scooter is relatively stable, and the required balancing skills and control ability are lower, which is more suitable for children of young age. When purchasing, check for loose holes, folds or gaps between moving parts to see if it is easy to pinch your child. Since the child is in a rapid phase of physical growth, it is necessary to select a suitable scooter according to the child's height when purchasing. In general, the height of the scooter handle is preferably between the child's shoulder and the navel. When purchasing in a physical store, children can stand on the pedals for trial use. When shopping online, you should pay attention to the fact that the nominal height of the product is generally measured from the ground. The appropriate handle height allows the forearm and upper arm to form a comfortable angle without gripping when the hands are holding the handle; if the height of the handle is below the navel, the height of the child's center of gravity exceeds the cross tube, and the scooter advances faster. When it hits an obstacle or brakes, it is easy to tip forward; and if the handle is too high, the height is close to or even flush with the shoulder, which affects the child's flexibility in handling the scooter. The foot pedal is the most important part of the child's contact with the foot while playing. When purchasing, you should choose a product with a large anti-slip area and good anti-slip effect to avoid slipping during play and protect your child's personal safety. When purchasing, you should also choose a product that has good braking performance and can be used as a brake by tapping the foot brake.

Children's scooters are difficult to choose from. Pxid industrial design company gives you a trick!

The two-wheeled scooter needs a balance skill and control ability, which is suitable for older children. When purchasing, you should choose a product that has a large anti-slip area and good anti-slip effect, and the height of the riser can be adjusted to suit the child's height and the brake device is easy to handle.

The frog scooter is large in size, heavy in weight, and requires a certain amount of force during handling, so it is more suitable for older children. The frog scooter is generally based on a handbrake. When purchasing, you should choose a product that has a small hand brake and can easily function as a brake.

2, do comparison, choose the brand, look at the appearance.

Consumers should learn more about each brand's products, compare and select different structures, functions and other product parameters, and select suitable and practical products.

In addition, it is recommended to select a brand that is more well-known at home or internationally, or select a brand with a higher pass rate from the quality supervision information issued by the authority.

When selecting products, first look at the packaging: the regular enterprise whose products meet the national standards, the products produced will generally pay more attention to the product packaging. Therefore, try to choose products with better packaging, clear printing, model specifications, factory name and complete site. Secondly, look at the appearance: high-quality, good materials, bright and bright colors, and poor quality materials, such as recycled materials, the color is often gray.

3. Read the product instructions and logo carefully.

Look carefully at the instructions for use of the scooter and the identification labels. It is most important to read the instructions. When purchasing, the label of the outer packaging will also provide a lot of important information. Parents need to read the instructions and warnings attached to the toy in a very serious and careful manner.

Children's scooters are difficult to choose from. Pxid industrial design company gives you a trick!

4, look at the quality of after-sales service of production companies and sales units

After-sales service is to solve the worries of consumers. When the goods fail, they can not get timely and efficient service, which will bring a lot of inconvenience. The key to after-sales service is whether it can be truly realized, or whether it is possible to cash. Consumers are advised to compare in several aspects: First, look at the strength of the company, prefer domestic famous brands; second, look at the nationwide after-sales outlets, after-sales outlets across the country are very important to consumers; third is to look at after-sales policies, such as whether to implement Three guarantees and nationwide warranty.

5, pay attention to the relevant market and the authority of the quality supervision department

Consumers should pay attention to the quality supervision information recently issued by the authoritative department, try to buy models or brands that have not been found to be unqualified, and do not purchase unqualified products. If it is found that the purchased product is found to be unqualified by the sampling inspection, it shall be treated according to the unqualified condition of the product. If it is a minor failure of the label or the manual, it will continue to be used if it does not affect the use and its safety protection performance. If it is a serious product quality problem that is unqualified, such as mechanical physical properties or chemical properties, you need to contact the seller or manufacturer to find out whether the purchased product is in an unqualified batch or not. If yes, you should communicate the return of the goods.

(two) use tips

1, when used

(1) Appropriate protective equipment such as helmets, gloves, knee pads and elbow pads, sports shoes, etc. should be worn to avoid injury when falling.

(2) Parents teach children not to jump on the scooter. Once they lose balance, they should immediately leave the scooter.

(3) Parents should always pay attention to children and keep an eye on others and the surrounding things, so as to prevent children from harming themselves or others while riding a scooter.

2, maintenance and maintenance

(1) It is necessary to check that all components are properly installed in place before each use, and that the screws, locking devices, etc. are secure and effective.

(2) Regularly check that all parts are worn and the pedals are broken.

(3) After use, gently wipe the handle, pedal and wheel with a damp cloth.

Children's scooters are difficult to choose from. Pxid industrial design company gives you a trick!

3. Use the venue

(1) Use the scooter in a safe and suitable place. Do not use the scooter in dangerous places such as on the road, on the slopes, next to the stairs, or next to the pool.

(2) Avoid using scooters in crowded places, such as sidewalks or shopping malls, to avoid accidents.

(3) Never use a scooter on a slippery or uneven surface.

Note: The comparison test results are only responsible for the test samples, and do not represent the product quality status of other models and batches of the brand; the test results are only for the reference of consumers to purchase products, and do not constitute recommendation and publicity for any related products; any enterprise The organization shall not use the results of this test to advertise or engage in other promotion, publicity or promotion activities. In violation of these regulations, the Guangzhou Consumer Council will pursue its legal responsibility according to law.