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The good news is finally here! Three major positive trends, electric cars ushered in a big turn!

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Entering the era of the new national standard, the development of the industry has entered the fast lane, and a batch of ones will be eliminated at the same time. For dealers, as long as the market has hope, one word is “dry”. There are three major trends in the development of the current industry, and good news will continue to emerge, which will help powerful dealers to win in a new era.

Good trend one: relax motorcycle restrictions, ban or cancel

According to incomplete statistics, more than 170 cities across the country have proposed bans. For example, in Beijing, motorcycles are forbidden to enter the loop, especially the 2nd to 6th rings. However, with the loosening of policies, many cities have relaxed restrictions on motorcycles, including the ban on the pioneer city of Shenzhen, and also consulted the users for new opinions on the ban.

The good news is finally here! Three major positive trends, electric cars ushered in a big turn!

Immediately, the Ministry of Transport will issue a new regulation. After September 1st, electric motorcycles will be classified as one type of vehicle for charging, while the first type of vehicle is 7 cars with less than 7 seats, small passenger cars, 2 tons. It contains small trucks under 2 tons, and these are the new standards for high-speed tolls. This new rule can be understood as a high speed on a motorcycle, but it has not been written.

Regardless of how the policy is released, it is also a big step forward for the industry. If the relevant departments have issued corresponding motorcycle control measures, then the policy of prohibiting motorcycles may be cancelled nationwide, which can alleviate traffic pressure and is worth looking forward to.

Good trend 2: The local catalogue of electric vehicles has been canceled one after another, and it is expected to be promoted nationwide.

As a national standard and implementation regulation, the new national standard is supposed to be unified throughout the country, but many regions continue to maintain the catalogue of local electric vehicles. However, it is still a humanized city, taking the lead in eliminating the local catalogue of electric vehicles. Reduce the burden!

In early August, the Jiangsu Provincial Department of Justice issued a notice on the “Regulations on the Administration of Electric Bicycles in Jiangsu Province (Draft)”, in which Article 19 of the Regulations stipulates that vehicles comply with mandatory national standards and obtain compulsory product certification. If the certificate and the application materials are complete and valid, the electric bicycle number plate shall be registered and issued on the spot, which means that Jiangsu will cancel the local catalogue of electric vehicles.

In addition to Jiangsu, Guangdong has canceled the local directory, 3C certificate is common; Jiangxi is the local directory and 3C coexistence, not qualified products can be sold in the catalog; at the same time, Yunnan Province also issued the latest notice, officially canceled from July 5 The management of electric bicycle catalogues is strictly implemented and the national standards are strictly managed.

Once Jiangsu's policy is put to the fore, it will greatly ease the pressure on dealers. It is believed that the relevant departments will fully consider the interests of consumers and businesses, and will not rule out the promotion of the whole country.

The good news is finally here! Three major positive trends, electric cars ushered in a big turn!

Good trend three: electric scooter sales, activate the market

Recently, the Electric Vehicle Association issued a document to start collecting information about the electric store's licensed store to recommend the store. That is, when the user buys a car, each electric scooter is already licensed, and the electric car can be registered under the name of the consumer at the time of purchase.

Not long after the introduction of the new national standard, there is a call for “sales sales”. This move is not only conducive to regulating market order, consumers buy cars directly on the road, and can activate market demand and turn for the new national standard market.

It was learned that under the policy of “cargo sales” in this round, all parts of the country responded. In addition to important policies such as Beijing, Zhengzhou and Guangzhou, which began to formulate a response policy, many places also included electric light and light into the matrix of sales. In the middle, it lays a good foundation for the promotion of the electric light motorcycle market.

I believe that more and more cities will join the array of "selling sales", so that dealers can sell cars without fear!