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Urban commuter travel tool, Swiss micro Maigu high electric scooter

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More and more people in modern society have begun to pay attention to green travel. Buses, subways, and shared bicycles have gradually become the first choice for people to travel, saving energy, reducing pollution, and benefiting their health. Of course, in addition to these more conventional vehicles, there are many fashion-conscious people who choose a more personalized travel tool when they travel, and electric scooters are loved by many people.

The products of Swiss micro-Migumi high are mainly scooters, and many products have a good reputation at home and abroad, especially in foreign countries, they have got the "Wolverine" Hugh Jackman, "Black Pearl" Halle Berry, "Glamorous" Beckham, "Little Devil" Peter Ding Laji and many other stars, and even the former British Prime Minister Madame Samantha are all loyal fans of Swiss micro-Migumi .

Urban commuter travel tool, Swiss micro Maigu high electric scooter

This time, an electric scooter emicro is a classic product launched by Swiss micro-Migumi. It has a foldable high-profile body design with a speed of 25 kilometers per hour, and it can switch between manpower and power. It can be said that it is a very fashionable travel tool.

First, the appearance of the show

The design has always been an advantage of the Swiss micro-Migumi high. The design of many classic products has been recognized by consumers, and even become the object of many brands competing to imitate, then let us Learn about this electric scooter from the design.

Urban commuter travel tool, Swiss micro Maigu high electric scooter

First of all, the overall body structure and body design of this electric scooter continue the brand's classic style. The foldable and adjustable height make it suitable for different user groups, but its fastest speed can reach 25 kilometers. , so it is more suitable for customers over 18 years old.

The pedal is actually the load-bearing part of this electric scooter. The safety during riding has a lot to do with the work of this part, so its workmanship and materials are very important. This electric scooter is here. The aspect is very good, its bearing capacity and stability performance are very good. In addition, its maximum load capacity is 100kg, which can basically meet the needs of most users.

The front and rear tires of this electric scooter are made of PU material and have a solid design. When riding, the body can be made more stable without too much bumpiness, so you can easily deal with a variety of rides. road surface.

Urban commuter travel tool, Swiss micro Maigu high electric scooter

Because it is a rear-drive electric scooter, the rear wheel is different from the front wheel and is more stable when riding. This electric car adopts the rear brake mode. It can be braked by gently pressing the fender on the rear wheel. In addition, it can realize the switching between manpower and electric power modes after three consecutive steps. It is very convenient.

Second, the riding experience

Different from the general electric scooter, this electric scooter needs a boost when starting. When riding, the user must firstly use the manpower to accelerate to 5 km/h before the first motor support. The Motion-Control-controller came into play. If you experience this scooter for the first time, you need to practice a few more times before you get on the road.

Urban commuter travel tool, Swiss micro Maigu high electric scooter

It is worth mentioning that the emicro electric scooter provides users with three different riding procedures: Eco mode, Standard mode, and Sport mode. These three modes can adjust the motor to different powers, thus serving the user. Bringing 15 kilometers and 25 kilometers per hour, users can choose the most suitable one according to their own habits when riding, of course, the switching procedure is very simple, and can be realized with the standard adjustment tool.

Third, the experience summary

Overall, I am very satisfied with it. It not only has excellent design, excellent workmanship, but also has a very good riding experience. The human and electric modes can be switched at will. Three gears can make users feel it. Different riding experiences. It is very easy to control when riding, and it runs smoothly.