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Scooters, twisting scooter, balancing wheels… How do you pick a child’s scooter? Don’t buy this kind

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Parents always love giving children big and small gifts to express their encouragement and love to their children when they have a birthday or perform well. Nowadays, the car is more popular for children. As the child grows older, many families will prepare special cars for their children, such as scooters, twisting scooter, small bicycles, etc. Many parents are very entangled in choosing a car for their children. Child picking a car?

Scooters, twisting scooter, balancing wheels... How do you pick a child's scooter? Don't buy this kind

There are different types of cars here that affect children.

1. Walker: Personally, this car is not recommended. From the point of view of the object, it is suitable for the baby who has the idea of walking in August and September. Although the walker becomes "flexible" for the child, but for the child just learning to walk, the bones are loose and fragile, the walker is fast. Will cause it to be injured.

2. Walker: It is recommended to give him a walker during the child's walk. When the child sits in the car and leans forward with his feet, he can strengthen the leg strength, enhance the child's sense of direction, and improve the baby's exploration power. It is specially designed for children and is conducive to children's behavioral development and physical development. There is a spacious storage compartment under the seat for easy outings. The car is strong and sturdy, with bright colors and superior materials. The front with music function can play a variety of music.

Scooters, twisting scooter, balancing wheels... How do you pick a child's scooter? Don't buy this kind

3, electric scooter: This can be purchased according to actual needs. Most children's electric cars are equipped with remote controls. Because they have enclosed seats, they are generally not easy to fall off the car. Children over the age of 1 who can ride independently but do not know how to control can be controlled by the parents using the remote control. Relatively safe and secure.

4, scooter: scooter is a sports car that parents and children love to see, personally prefer. Children's scooters are challenging, can exercise the coordination of children, can improve the child's aerobic capacity, can exercise the child's waist muscle training, and promote the child's pursuit of freshness and challenge.

Scooters, twisting scooter, balancing wheels... How do you pick a child's scooter? Don't buy this kind

5, twist scooter: recommended to give this child a car, twist car for 3-6 years old children, usually 3 years old baby can play. Playing a twisted car can make your child more flexible. Long-term use of the car can improve your child's nerve reflex ability, improve the child's sensitivity and make the action more flexible. It can improve your child's intelligence and make your child smarter.

6, balance wheel: This type of car is also very good. Children's balance cars look simple, but choosing the right child balance car for your child is not a simple task. Although essentially any child balance car can teach children to balance, the ride experience varies greatly due to the size, quality and characteristics of the different children's balance cars. Therefore, parents should choose carefully.

It is very important to choose the right car for the children. Parents should consider the car when they choose the car. The quality of a car is particularly good, which is related to the safety of children, reasonable structural design and rich configuration. When buying a car, you must pass the quality test. If you buy a high-grade version, the safety of the child is the primary condition. Second, to meet the needs of children, whether the child likes the appearance, suitable for children to use this car, choose to buy when the use is very large. When the three parents choose a car to choose a car, the price should be reasonable, and the amount should be paid out. Moderate consumption should not be blindly satisfied to meet the children.