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What are the travel tools? Which one do you like?

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The scooter is also called a lazy car. It refers to the means of transportation and auxiliary tools for the purpose of transportation. In China, it can sometimes refer to cars, electric bicycles, electric scooters, two-wheeled automatic balance scooters, and one-wheel balance scooters. .

The scooter referred to in the industry generally refers to an electric scooter.

What are the travel tools? Which one do you like?

Suspension board - roller skates, commonly known as roller skates, originated in the Netherlands, is a competition project that uses special roller skates as a game tool, and is also a kind of leisure and leisure stuff.

Jetpack (let you fly in the air) - In the science fiction movie, we have already experienced the great power and great shock of the jetpack! How exciting it is to make special effects technology become reality.

The JB-9 jet pack uses a small turbojet engine that consumes about 3.8 liters per minute and can fly for more than 10 minutes. According to Mayman, he spent millions of dollars on the jet pack. Technically, the modified ultra-light version of the jet pack is available for sale.

What are the travel tools? Which one do you like?

Scooter - The scooter features a slippery behavior, advocating a free movement, experiencing and creating a feeling of supergravity, bringing joy and creativity to the skater.

Skateboarding is different from traditional sports. It does not stick to a fixed pattern. It requires the skater to freely use his imagination, create in the process of movement, exercise with creativity, emphasize the freedom of mind and body, and promote the concept of movement that blends with nature.