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Spain: Electric scooters by vehicle management

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With its small, light, simple and inexpensive features, electric scooters have become a new type of transportation favored by young people from many countries in the world in recent years. However, the Spanish government found that electric scooters not only throw litter on the sidewalk, but also often scare pedestrians, and the traffic accidents caused by them are also on the rise. In the face of this new type of transportation, the Spanish government is advancing with the times and enacting legislation.

Spain: Electric scooters by vehicle management

According to the Spanish "侃" newspaper reported on the 8th, the Spanish legislature and law enforcement agencies developed a series of usage specifications after the investigation. First of all, personal transportation equipment, including electric scooters, will be managed in the vehicle category. Scooters are prohibited from driving on the sidewalk and can only be driven on bicycle lanes or motor vehicles. The offender is fined 500 euros. People are prohibited from using mobile phones while driving, and they are not allowed to drive after drinking or taking drugs. The limits for alcohol and drugs are the same as those for motorcycles. Although there is no provision for driving licenses on the road, such vehicles must not exceed 25 km/h on bicycle lanes and no more than 50 km/h on motor vehicles.