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Minneapolis suspends all electric scooter rentals at the Trump rally

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According to foreign media reports, electric scooter startups were temporarily banned from appearing on the streets of Minneapolis, Minnesota, before President Trump held a rally tonight (10 October local time). On Thursday, the city's Public Works Bureau issued a notice to various electric scooters on this temporary ban.

The notice said that since the city of Minneapolis plans to hold a large event on Thursday, October 10, 2019, for the protection and public safety, the city police station has issued a suspension of all urban roads during the event. On the electric scooter rental business requirements. It is reported that these small vehicles cannot be withdrawn from the street after 9:00 pm local time on October 9 (Wednesday), and the service will begin to return to normal on October 11.

Minneapolis suspends all electric scooter rentals at the Trump rally

In this regard, companies including Lime, Jump, Spin, and Lyft have already begun to execute this order.

At the same time, Trump has been arguing with the Mayor of Minneapolis about the cost of assembly and security. It was learned that due to the appearance of the president, the road is expected to be closed and traffic will be affected. According to the city's police chief, the pedestrian and vehicle traffic around the Target Center where Trump will hold the rally will be greatly reduced.