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Share Electric Scooter Company Bird Announces Financing $275 Million

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On October 4th, sharing electric scooter company Bird revealed that the company raised $275 million through a round of financing led by CDPQ and Sequoia Capital, which valued the company at $2.5 billion.

Headquartered in Santa Monica, Calif., Bird is an electric scooter sharing service that provides users with a pram-free scooter that users can locate and unlock with a smartphone app.

Share Electric Scooter Company Bird Announces Financing $275 Million

Like most shared businesses, sharing electric skateboards is a real business. In July this year, foreign media The Information reported that Travis VanderZanden, the US CEO of shared electric scooter company, revealed that the company has achieved a turnaround in the unit economy, and the Bird Zero scooter provides one trip per trip. The service earns $1.27, and this scooter accounts for more than 75% of its total scooter. However, The Information also reported that the company has lost nearly $100 million. In December last year, Uber negotiated acquisitions with shared electric scooter company Bird and its rival Lime.

In the shared skateboard market, Ford acquired the electric scooter Spin for $100 million; Lime received a $335 million investment from Google. Among them, Lime has completed 50,000, 70 million and 335 million US dollars in A/B/C three rounds in 9 months. Investors include well-known investment institutions such as Sequoia Capital and Google Venture Capital (GV).