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No. 9 electric scooter MAX released: 65km long battery life

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September 25th news, today 2019 new 9th electric scooter MAX first launched, with 65km long battery life, anti-tie vacuum tires, standard anti-theft password lock, priced at 4399 yuan.

No. 9 electric scooter MAX built-in 551Wh high security 18650 power lithium battery, equipped with 350W brushless motor, climbing ability increased by 20%. The intelligent battery management system can inform you of the health status of the battery pack through the mobile phone APP, and promptly remind you if there is a problem.

No. 9 electric scooter MAX released: 65km long battery life

The LED power indicator above the vehicle can display the remaining battery capacity and driving speed in real time, so that you can see the situation of the vehicle at a glance.

Three types of riding modes can be switched at will: energy saving mode, standard mode, and sport mode. Simply press the switch button twice to complete the switch, and easily handle different riding environments.

The newly upgraded vacuum jelly anti-tire tires give the No.9 scooter Max better shock absorption and complex road condition adaptability. Even if it is nailed, it will not leak, and the tires will be more durable and safer to drive.

No. 9 electric scooter MAX released: 65km long battery life

In terms of charging, Max also has a minimalist design. By placing the transformer in the body, charging requires only "one wire", which is not only elegant and beautiful, but also light and portable. At the same time, Max also supports 3A fast charge, which can be fully charged in 6 hours.

The No. 9 electric scooter Max is equipped with an energy recovery system for automobiles. While driving, pressing the brakes or releasing the throttle finger will automatically activate the energy recovery system to convert some of the kinetic energy into electrical energy for storage and reuse. The energy recovery system enhances the user's experience of emergency braking, while also helping to increase the vehicle's endurance.

No. 9 electric scooter MAX released: 65km long battery life

Supports 3 seconds of fast folding, which can be folded in one car with one button and one button, and easily placed in the trunk of the car. At the same time, Max also chose the folding mechanism of the high-grade folding bicycle level, which is safe and durable and not easy to shake.

On the No. 9 electric scooter Max, the five-digit scooter lock is standard on the car, which is convenient for users to park for a short time. The lock is portable and the lock can be mounted on the left side of the handlebar for easy carrying. The car lock is designed with five-digit self-designable password, no need to open the key; the inside of the lock is made of zinc alloy, which is sturdy and durable; the lock body is 1.2 meters long high-strength steel wire, which is safe and convenient to entangle.