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Why is the battery quality getting worse? These four truths should all be known!

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Many industries and users may feel that the current battery is not as good as before. The previous battery can basically run for 3 years without problems. Many electric vehicles do not need to change batteries for life, and some batteries can be used. Ten years, the current battery can be used for a year or two, and some can only be used for half a year. Why is the battery used soon?

Why is the battery quality getting worse? These four truths should all be known!

First, the battery is not allowed to add cadmium, the battery is more environmentally friendly.

According to the "Leading Battery Industry Access Conditions" formulated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, and industry associations, the production capacity of lead storage batteries and lead-containing parts with cadmium content higher than 0.002% or arsenic content higher than 0.1% should be It will be phased out before December 31, 2013. Each battery company strictly abides by national regulations. The batteries produced after 2014 meet the national standards and strictly control the cadmium and arsenic content in the batteries. Some enterprises even introduce batteries that are completely free of cadmium and arsenic. Objectively speaking, the battery will not cause cadmium and will cause service life. Stability has a certain decline, but from the long-term perspective of the country's development: not the battery is not good, but the battery is more environmentally friendly!

Second, the battery is internally converted into a production process to reduce environmental pollution.

Beginning in 2014, in accordance with the requirements of the "Lead Battery Industry Access Conditions", the production of electric vehicle batteries must be internalized into a production process. The significant advantage of internalization into a production process is that it reduces environmental pollution during production and provides better protection for production employees. But the determination is also obvious that the effect of the formation is not completely externalized into a process.

Why is the battery quality getting worse? These four truths should all be known!

Third, electric vehicles are getting heavier and more power-consuming.

Before 2014, the simple electric vehicles that were mainly sold in the market, with the increasing demand for comfort, the proportion of luxury models in the market is getting bigger and bigger, and the weight of luxury models is obviously increased. As the power is increased, the mileage and service life of the electric vehicle will decrease.

Fourth, the electric car is getting faster and faster, and the motor power is increasing.

In the past few years, the motors sold on the market were relatively small, with 250W for low power and 500W for high power. In recent years, electric vehicles have pursued speed and motor power has increased. 800W motors and 1200W motors have become commonplace. The larger the motor, the greater the damage to the battery.

After knowing these four truths, can you understand the battery?