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Evaluating Europe’s hottest sharing economy now – electric scooters

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I remember when the shared bicycle was just emerging, the small yellow car and the Mobai on the street. But after the heat has passed, the shared bicycles are rarely seen on the streets, and replaced by new shared economic products: electric scooters.

According to one data, the most active APP on European youth phones is not Tiktok, but E-Scooter - electric scooter! As a new shared mobility tool, electric scooters have swept the whole of Europe. Many cities in Germany have also entered different shared electric scooters since the first half of this year.

Evaluating Europe's hottest sharing economy now - electric scooters

Because it is free to park, it is fast and maneuverable, and it has become the first choice for young people in big cities to go out. Xiaobian can't wait to experience the electric scooter, and it is also a good evaluation for the friends.

E-Scooter's experience

At present, the E-Scooter companies that occupy a lot in the German market are Tier, Circ, and Lime, which are divided according to different urban areas. The electric scooters of the three companies are not much different in use. They are similar to domestic shared bicycles. Scan code download app, bind Paypal or credit card, you can unlock when you need to scan the code. There is no fixed parking place, you can be in the pedestrian area. Feel free to park, and the fees charged by the three companies are slightly different.

The first impression I gave was that this scooter was heavier than imagined. It's a little hard to push, but it's light and fast when riding, and the operation is simple.

The location of the scooter can be obtained by registering with the app. In less than five minutes, I found a fully charged scooter at Knigsallee. Scan the QR code on the handlebar to unlock it on your phone and start timing. The fixed usage fee is one Euro, 15 Cent per minute, and 10 Euros for one hour.

Evaluating Europe's hottest sharing economy now - electric scooters

The speed limit of these scooters is set to no more than 20 km/h. As with ordinary scooters, start with the ankles. After the manual assist, you can accelerate the switch on the handlebar. Be careful when you try it for the first time. This acceleration is very fast.

The brakes can be braked like a regular bicycle, and there are brakes on the back of the scooter. The brakes are very sensitive and can be stopped quickly.

Usually take the subway and walk to change for 20 minutes. With this electric skateboard, I can easily get home in 13 minutes. I am not afraid of being late, not afraid of traffic jams, especially after meeting with friends at night, there is no public transportation, scan the code, and easily get home. !

E-Scooter city distribution

At present, the cities occupied by Lime, Tier and Circ in Germany are: Berlin, Bielefeld, Bochum, Bonn, Cologne, Düsseldorf, Dresden, Essen, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Hannover, Heidelberg, Mannheim, Munich, Münster, Stuttgart.

Electric skateboards are available from several companies in some cities. The small partners in these cities are quick to download a take-off, and new users can share coupons with each other.


E-Scooter's question

Riding a scooter in Germany must follow the same rules as a rider. The driver also recommends wearing a helmet and other protective gear. However, when driving, no one spontaneously carries the helmet. Xiao Bian saw a lot of two adults riding an electric skateboard in France. Although it is very romantic, it hides a lot of security risks.

As the electric scooter travels faster, it is the same as the bicycle. Since June this year, Düsseldorf has started the electric skateboard rental service. There have been 21 traffic accidents caused by electric scooters and three serious injuries. With the arrival of autumn and winter in Germany, slippery roads or snowy roads will make riders even more dangerous.

E-Scooter is geographically restricted and not accessible throughout the city. Currently limited to the city centre, it is also banned in parks and campuses. The scope of application in the city is the same as that of bicycles. You can also see where you can drive in the APP, and where not. Multiple parking within the non-driving range will be fined and banned.

The future of E-Scooter

In Germany, which loves to ride a bicycle, the shared bicycle has not developed. Is the shared electric scooter a hot or evergreen tree?

Evaluating Europe's hottest sharing economy now - electric scooters

When there was no shared electric skateboard, Xiaobian had always thought about a Xiaomi electric scooter coming to Germany, but it was a little scary after the experience.

Nowadays, sharing scooters is not only in Germany, but also in major European cities. It has advantages and disadvantages, bringing convenience and increasing security risks. When riding an electric scooter, you must pay attention to safety, especially unfamiliar roads, don't ride on the motorway!