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Shock! Mercedes-Benz quietly entered the electronic scooter market

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According to foreign media reports, although Mercedes-Benz is known as a pioneer in the automotive field, it has not yet entered the field of two-wheeled electric scooters. However, this situation will change as the company announced a two-wheeled scooter at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show very low-key last week.

It is reported that this electric scooter is expected to wait until the beginning of 2020.

Unfortunately, Mei Ben did not disclose the cruising range, maximum speed or other specifications of the car. The current indications are that the company will sell these goods in Germany as to whether it will enter other markets.

A Daimler spokesperson confirmed that the company's goal is to sell the electric scooter directly to consumers, but did not answer the details.

Shock! Mercedes-Benz quietly entered the electronic scooter market

In fact, the company couldn't even publish a complete photo of the product, but only shared two photos at the bottom of the car, showing the front and middle sections with the Mei Ben logo.

However, Mei Ben said that they are cooperating with Swiss scooter manufacturer Micro to produce this scooter.

Shock! Mercedes-Benz quietly entered the electronic scooter market

Driven by several technology companies, electric scooters have been very popular in the past few years. Some cities are also eager to introduce them to improve the poor public transport infrastructure as a potential alternative to cars. This naturally caught the attention of car manufacturers. Both BMW and Volkswagen are involved in this market, and Ford has directly acquired the scooter company Spin.

Although the current electric scooter with the Mei Ben logo will get a market, when it appears in the F1 paddock, it means that the company will find a sales method. It is reported that the company's star racer Lewis Hamilton has already tested the vehicle in the paddock.