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Why do you want to buy a scooter for your child? These three advantages, other toys can not compare

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Scooters are a kind of children's products that are relatively hot on the market today. After the first year of life, if the scooter is properly selected, the baby's potential can also be exerted. However, many parents are hostile to these children's products, first of all, the safety is not high, and secondly it is easy to affect the study. These two points directly kill the scooter.

Mom, I want a scooter "VS" can't, affecting learning"

Toys are indispensable in the process of growing up. Some parents are either very embarrassed about their children, or they feel that these toys will affect their children’s learning. They are always compulsory to limit their children. I hope that children can work hard to learn. The time is counterproductive, and the child has not become excellent.

Xiaohao is six years old this year. On one weekend, Xiaohao and his mother played downstairs and saw a child riding a scooter. It was especially cool and disappeared.

Xiaohao’s eyes have been stuck on the scooter. Mom knows that Xiaohao will not want these toys when he is a child. Now that she has grown up, my mother is estimated to spend money.

Why do you want to buy a scooter for your child? These three advantages, other toys can not compare

Xiaohao’s subconscious reaction is to ask her mother: “Mom, what kind of car is that, how to run so fast.” “That is a scooter.” The child said to her mother very innocently: “Mom, can I buy one?” Mom Taking Xiaohao to the first grade, it is a good reason to learn and directly refused Xiaohao.

My mother saw disappointment from Xiaohao’s eyes, but what kind of child’s growth is so smooth? Therefore, this emotion is ignored for children. When Xiaohao was in the first grade, Xiaohao became fascinated with the game. Every day after school, he would take the mother’s mobile phone to play the game. The mother said it countless times and the children did not listen.

In fact, many mothers worry that toys will affect their children's learning. In fact, it is not a toy that affects children's learning. It is a habit. Besides toys, there are many other factors that may affect children's learning, so if you don't love your child, Learning is due to toys, toys all mean that this "pot" can not be back.

The three advantages of scooters, children must have

In fact, the development of each toy has its own meaning, to stimulate the potential of the child. For example, scooters, in fact, for their children, all aspects of development are very helpful.

1, exercise

Because children are curious and interested in scooters, after buying a scooter, children are not willing to stay at home every day, prefer to exercise outside and show off their scooters to children.

In this way, the child is exercised in the invisible body, and the resistance is naturally improved.

2, get friends, become more confident

Through scooters, children can broaden their knowledge, meet more friends outside, and exchange experiences between scooters.

In fact, many parents can see that after the child has a scooter, more friends and more people become more confident in the sun, which is not a good thing for children.

By communicating with children, you can learn some of the most basic skills for doing things. Sometimes you can not only be welcomed by children, but also be loved by parents.

3, improve vision

In fact, one of the most important advantages of scooters is to keep children away from mobile phones and away from some games.

Today's children like to play games, and the self-control ability is not very strong. Once the mobile phone time is too long, it will affect the child's vision. You can see that many children are not old enough and the glasses are brought.

Why do you want to buy a scooter for your child? These three advantages, other toys can not compare

Scooters allow children to directly contact nature, make children more sunny, and change a child's past habit of indulging in the network, which is beneficial to children.

Parents should not let their children buy scooters because they are afraid of affecting their children's learning. This reason is simply not valid. From the relevant data, the children did not get better because they did not buy some children's products, but people became more inferior and not sunny. Compared with this, why don't parents establish rules for their children and let their children use scooters for a period of time every day to improve their confidence?