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No. 9 robot launched smart sharing scooter T60

pxid 2019-10-17 844 times

Segway-Ninebot has launched a very interesting intelligent sharing scooter T60, which has three wheels and uses semi-automatic unmanned driving function to realize autonomous movement under the remote control of the cloud system. Human rider assists, the gameplay is very novel. (core visual navigation technology)


This smart shared scooter T60 adopts a three-wheeled chassis structure layout, the front wheel is not independent suspension, supports Ackerman steering, and uses rear wheel drive to fully climb the slope. With core visual navigation technology and reliable cloud service background, it can realize automatic navigation to find electric piles, then autonomous wireless charging, reduce the dependence of vehicle charging on labor, improve the experience of use, and reduce the cost of manual maintenance.

PXID launches smart sharing scooter

According to the interview, Ninebot Chairman and CEO Gao Lufeng said, "The pain point of electric scooter operators is to better maintain the scooter at a lower cost." As for the time of market use, it is expected to be realized early next year.

PXID launches smart sharing scooter

Judging from the official website of the No. 9 robot, the intelligent sharing scooter T60 is a scooter developed and produced independently for the overseas sharing business. The sales target is mainly the foreign sharing electric vehicle operator. According to Reuters, Ninebot said. Uber and Lyft are very interested in this product, and intend to introduce this product into the bike-and motorcycle sharing.

PXID launches smart sharing scooter

As an electric vehicle that can move independently to the charging pile to replenish power and move to the customer's designated use location, the design of the smart sharing scooter T60 is very attractive, except Reuters believes that its pre-sale price estimate At 10,000 RMB (about $1,420), the cost is still slightly more expensive for potential customers such as Uber and Lyft, as they currently cost between $100 and $300.