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Xiaomi pushes the stepping artifact again? New product Mijia Pro electric scooter Suning starting

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In the past week of the Spring Festival holiday, with the rework of office workers and the countdown to school, shared bicycles, smart balance cars, and electric scooters have become active again. All kinds of travel artifacts have become a unique landscape in the city.

On February 15th, Suning's smart digital channel launched a new product message, which revealed that the Xiaomi ecological chain has a new generation of artifacts. According to the page, the new version of the walking artifact is the Mijia electric scooter Pro, which has already opened an appointment in Suning Tesco. The pre-sale price is 2799 yuan, which will be officially launched on February 18. After the new product is born, the number of appointments will gradually increase. It is bound to trigger a wave of smart travel.

Xiaomi pushes the stepping artifact again? New product Mijia Pro electric scooter Suning starting

According to reports, Xiaomi Mijia Electric Scooter Pro has won the Red Dot Best Design Award and the Japanese Excellent Design 100 Best Awards for its outstanding design and new intelligent control experience. It has won such an award-winning artifact, what are the amazing upgrades? ?

Compared with the first generation Mijia electric scooter, the upgraded version of the walking artifact is more powerful. In addition to the simple design of 3 seconds folding, the speed is increased from the initial 5 times walking speed to 6 times, and there are three speed modes that can be adjusted; In addition, the battery life is more excellent, achieving an ultra-long leap from the original 30 km to 45 km. At the same time, a new multi-function control panel is added to make speed, power, Bluetooth, fault reminder, and switch lights clear at a glance.