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About sharing electric scooters and short trips overseas

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Micro-vehicle companies have grown rapidly over the past few years, including companies such as China's Ofo and Moby and the US's Citi Bike and Jump Bikes. These companies offer consumers a great choice for “last mile traffic”. Some of these companies continue to raise funds, while others are acquired. Consumers and investors have seen greater demand for short-haul vehicles.

About sharing electric scooters and short trips overseas

In 2018, with the advent of the shared pileless electric scooter pioneered by Lime and Bird in the United States, this micro-transportation was revitalized. The electric scooter company will continue to expand rapidly until 2019, when the two companies, Grin and Yellow, announced the merger, and became the strongest micro-mobile competitor in less than a year after the establishment of Latin America.

However, due to a negative news from electric scooters, such as being thrown into lakes and oceans, causing crowded sidewalks, being stolen, injured by riders and vicious competition from peers, people’s understanding of electric scooters is gradually becoming more comprehensive. . Some people think that electric scooters may not be the best choice. Despite this, there are also consumers' dependence on products.

Metropolitan cities around the world are now facing urban congestion and pollution caused by rapid urbanization, and this phenomenon will become more serious as urbanization deepens. At the same time, the public transport system is under tremendous pressure because of urbanization.

About sharing electric scooters and short trips overseas

But does the city really want an electric scooter or other micro-sports tool?

This question depends on which city you ask. However, most cities agree that electric scooters, electric bikes and pedal bikes are viable solutions that help alleviate traffic congestion, especially during peak hours. (Note: Based on multiple conversations with senior MTA officials across the country).

Do people really like electric scooters like other vehicles?

Bicycles and electric bikes are the most popular short-distance modes of transportation. If you've been to Santa Monica or San Diego on a sunny day, you'll see hundreds of locals and tourists looking for an electric scooter available before going to a nearby bike pick-up point.

About sharing electric scooters and short trips overseas

Theft and vandalism are also a big problem for micro-passing tools without parking areas. At present, it is inevitable that vandalism and theft will occur in the city by placing hundreds of micro-passenger tools in non-parking areas. There are also some common issues, such as:

1. How do we prevent electric scooters from being parked where we don't want them?

Second, how do we modify our bicycle lanes to keep the electric scooter riders and riders safe while maintaining enough sidewalk space for pedestrians to walk.

In response to the above two problems, most large micro-transportation tool companies have been working with city governments to solve these problems. For most cities, they believe that the benefits of micro-passenger tools outweigh the disadvantages. Through data, cooperation and smart regulation, cities need to give more opportunities to such companies if they want to be better.

The most important in the technological innovation of micro-passing tools is:

1. Extend battery life and/or interchangeable rechargeable batteries, which will significantly reduce the cost of the battery.

Second, the more robust electric scooter and better materials, efficient structure and larger wheels can increase the service life of electric scooters by 2 times or more.

About sharing electric scooters and short trips overseas About sharing electric scooters and short trips overseas

All in all, no matter what you think about micro-vehicles and electric scooters, today's traffic conditions show that society needs a viable short-distance travel tool to replace current transportation. Time will prove that the best alternatives to short-haul tools are electric scooters, bicycles, or some new vehicles that are still under development.