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WALNUTT electric scooter has a different “shared” mode

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Shenzhen Walnut Technology WALNUTT is trying to introduce a true "sharing" model. A truly shareable electric scooter, SPECTRA X, will be unveiled at CES2019, which will provide consumers with a more pre-sales experience than ever before.

Unlike other sharing modes, SPECTRA X focuses on P2P (person-to-person) sharing, or strictly speaking sharing. Close to Airbnb mode, the sharer has full ownership of SPECTRA X and can lease the right to ride to people interested in SPECTRA X. In order to implement this mode, users can operate on the official APP eBoard Go.

WALNUTT electric scooter has a different "shared" mode

Through P2P sharing, SPECTRA X users can connect to more people with the same interests, allowing more people to enjoy the electric scooter in shared mode. Of course, this P2P mode can also be extended to other smart products.

In addition, SPECTRA X also supports firmware upgrades. SPECTRA is the first somatosensory electric scooter to support 3D attitude control. For a more enjoyable riding experience, SPECTRA X's new sensor is lighter and more sensitive than the first generation of SPECTRA products. It supports three modes of control: attitude control, Remote control, APP control, and SPECTRA X vehicle with waterproof, replaceable battery, replaceable tires and other designs.

SPECTRA X will debut at the CES2019 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, USA, January 8-11, 2019 (South Hall 1, Stand 20244).