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PXID industrial design – Harley electric motercycle design

pxid 2019-09-29 707 times

I believe that you can see a lot of handsome Harley in a lot of screens, the Harley knights are riding a tough Harley-Davidson, high-fork and semi-circular headlights, and the roar of the iconic fuel engine. Sound, the appearance is the focus.

So for the rider, the feeling of the Harley rider is also very cool and handsome. However, with the progress of the social era, large-displacement fuel motorcycles are gradually withdrawing from the historical stage. However, there is another way to meet the Harley rider's demand for Harley's motorcycle, that is, the Harley electric car that has been hot in recent years.

This Harley electric motercycle inherits the tough shape of Harley's motorcycle, has a high front fork and a typical handle, and the headlights also use the same semi-circular shape.

Harley's cool wild and modern technology fashion, this Harley and motorcycle version of Harley is different, there is no roaring fuel engine, the body is hollowed out into a pedal form, the space available for the whole vehicle More.

At the top of the car's head, instead of the traditional display instrument is an LED display that shows real-time speed and power.

The rear wheel has a built-in 60V 2000W motor and 100N of torque, which gives this Harley car more power.

The battery is located under the seat and is equipped with a safety lock that is detachable for easy charging.

The controller is at the bottom of the pedal of the body.

The front and rear forks are equipped with shock absorbing devices that are stable even at high speeds.

Harley electric vehicles have passed the EU EEC (e-Mark) certification in terms of quality standards, in line with EU countries' imported vehicle certification standards.