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EVO electric cars make every ride, like a landscape

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Cool and extraordinary, the overall performance is amazing. Unlike traditional electric vehicles, the shape of the EVO gives a refreshing feeling, and the stylish body of the traditional electric vehicle does not reduce any maneuverability. It can be said that EVO seeks between mobility and overall performance and fashion appearance. In a perfect balance, the texture is prominent, cool and concise.

Simple and comfortable, you can install and disassemble the seat to give you a different riding experience. You can not only enjoy the wind like a scooter, but also sit and enjoy the beauty of the scenery; different ways, different and wonderful, you are the focus of the road.

EVO Electric bike design

Design is a fusion of one million dreams and reality. The PXID design team injects quality into the product and pursues the spirit of extreme intelligence. The lines of each design, the choice of each component, and the determination of each material are all tried by the team hundreds of times, regardless of cost, until satisfactory.

Crafted with exquisite details. The PXID team incorporated the craftsmanship into every detail of the design, with more than 200 parts, large to visible seats, and small invisible screws, each dedicated to the PXID team for art and perfection. Pursuit, it is this spirit that makes every part of the EVO electric body not only an industrial product, but also a life that is injected into the soul.

Follow the feeling, enjoy the ride, double-handed front, durable, H-shaped front fork design steering easier, more chic, using the motorcycle classic double front fork design, steering more flexible, more solid than the single-pole fork It is also smoother when turning.

Full LED backlight digital instrument panel, the reality is clearer. When you start driving EVO, you will see the dashboard at a glance. We specially develop exclusive LCD instrument panel, focusing on comfortable riding experience, as a vehicle information display center. EVO's LED-backlit digital instrument panel clearly shows the driving conditions of the vehicle. The simple and reasonable function keys are arranged to ensure the elegance of the ride. Real-time power display, adaptive shifting handle, the future road, mastered by yourself.

The unique vertical flat lens headlight design is simple and bright, with a wider range of illumination, more uniform light, strong concentrating ability, and wherever the light is.

The trend is to be different, increase the widened non-slip pedals, widen the pedals with special effects, increase the friction coefficient, and make the slip more effective. The design of the pedal's grain design fully increases the friction coefficient. It adopts rubber anti-skid material, moderate softness, certain shock absorption effect, and good anti-skid effect. It provides better safety protection for the rider, more comfortable and safer, which makes you trustworthy. !

EVO Electric bike design

The new suspension and the driving experience are amazing. PXID's most amazing place - the perfect driving experience, the driving experience has always been the biggest shortcoming of traditional electric vehicles, and the PXID uses a new suspension system, allowing the entire seat to be suspended above the double spring damping In addition, the hydraulic shock absorber of the front vehicle, the shock absorber system consisting of the whole vehicle hydraulic pressure and spring suspension, offsets 82% of the vibration from the ground, even if it is driving in the uneven mountain, it will make you feel Driving is a pleasure!

EVO Electric bike design