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China-Austria cooperation unmanned aerial taxi flight test success; Audi automatic driving concept car will debut at Shanghai Auto Show

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China-Austria cooperation unmanned aerial taxi flight test successfully

The "air taxi" jointly developed by Chinese drone manufacturers and Austrian companies was successfully tested in Vienna, Austria on April 4.

The unmanned aerial vehicle Ehang216 was jointly developed by a Chinese drone manufacturer Yihang and an Austrian company, one worth US$220,000; the aircraft was limited to two people, with a speed of 160 kilometers per hour and a half-hour life. According to reports, this aircraft is currently mainly used for short-distance passenger transportation.

Xiong Yifang, co-founder of Yihang Airlines, said that the aircraft is self-driving and designed for ordinary people. It can be used by those who do not have an airplane driver's license and will not fly.

According to Yihang, the aircraft now has thousands of orders. Austrian Airlines Group CEO Robert Machtlinger believes that the biggest problem with the launch of this aircraft comes from the city's infrastructure.

Audi AI:me self-driving concept car will debut at the Shanghai Auto Show

Audi AI:me small auto-driving concept car will be unveiled at the Shanghai Auto Show this month. It is Audi's forward-looking model of the future self-driving travel concept.

Audi announced the concept car will be in the moon phase, but also released a new car design sketch. The concept car is positioned as "a self-driving compact car for future metropolitan areas."

Compared with the design style of the current Audi production car, the shape design of the AI:me concept car seems to be significantly ahead. Audi design director Marc Lichte revealed last month that two concept cars with a design “leading to the current level of 10 to 15 years” will be released this year. One is AI:me, and Lichte confirms that this car will be an electric car. Another concept car show is scheduled for the Frankfurt Motor Show in September.

As early as 2017 at the Frankfurt Motor Show, Audi's Aicon sedan and Elaine SUV concept car revealed how the company's artificial intelligence and autonomous driving technologies will shape the brand's exterior and interior design. In view of the naming of AI:me, the outside world believes that this car will also have advanced artificial intelligence. (World Wide Web)

[electric scooter]

Riding an electric scooter on the sidewalk will be fined 135 euros

Paris plans to regulate the use of electric scooters and fines for cycling on sidewalks and designated parking spots, as well as an annual fee for electric scooter operators.

The city government of Paris said on the official website that before the state introduced legislation on electric scooters, the French Capital Council voted to impose a fine of 135 euros ($155) on the electric scooter on the sidewalk to park skateboards on the sidewalk. The person in the car was fined 35 euros. The city will also confiscate an electric scooter that has not been parked. By the end of the year, the city will also create approximately 2,500 dedicated parking spaces for electric scooters and consider mandatory use.

There are currently about 15,000 electric scooters in Paris, and this number is expected to increase to 40,000 by the end of the year. The Paris City Council said that while supporting people using electric scooters, the growing number of electric scooters also puts pedestrians at risk, especially for the elderly and babies. (Reuters)

【electrical motorbike】

Niu electric motorcycle is ready to enter the US market

It turns out that NIU's electric motorcycles are very popular in China's domestic market and throughout Europe. According to the company's CEO, Americans should finally have the opportunity to experience this popular motorcycle this year.

NIU has begun preparing to bring their highly acclaimed electric motorcycles to the United States.

The company's electric motorcycles are currently undergoing US certification, which is a long and complicated process.

As Benjamin Avery, NIU's marketing and communications manager, described to Electre, "Our US import process is underway, albeit slowly."

The company confirmed that it plans to enter the US market this year. According to Li Yan, CEO of NIU, "We sell in 27 countries, and this time last year was 17 countries. In 2019, we expect to enter new international markets such as the United States."