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Luqi Balancing Wheels

pxidshilu 2015-05-30 195 times

Luqi balancing wheels, gorgeous and practical, brief but not simple.

We hope that the luqi balancing wheel not only stylish but also durable. We performance the material itself as much as possible, without using any baking varnish, painting process, almost what you see, all its original material.

The aviation-grade high-strength AZ-91D magnesium alloy skeleton, which is designed to have a honeycomb cavity layout and a strict CAE simulation design, weighs only 1.7kg; the joystick is made of a matte aluminum alloy with a good appearance and hand feel.

In order to make the Luqi balancing wheel looks more textured, we use LEXANTM Visual FX polycarbonate resin from SABIC Innovative Plastics. This series of resin materials is used in the porcelain white material part of the iPhone.

It’s time to have a Luqi balancing wheel

In industrial design, we look for simplicity, try to make Luqi balancing wheel enough to match your taste; In internal design, we use cutting-edge materials and design technology to reduce the weight per gram, reduce the energy loss per watt; driving In terms of experience, we continuously adjust the driving parameters and repeat the test on various road conditions you may encounter, after one year. As you can see, this is the Luqi balancing wheel. Let the future, come now, start now