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  • Hot sell China cheap 12″ inch folding ebike

    2019-09-17 369 times

    Hot sell China cheap 12" inch folding ebike/ folding electric bike mini bicycle: PXID industrial design, electric bicycle design, making travel more convenient and healthy What if I don’t have time to go to work? PXID Industrial Design has created a C1 moped that meets the needs of everyday commutin…

  • folding electric scooter design

    2019-08-30 739 times

    PXID designed e scooter folding electric scooter with removable battery , perfectly deductive of elegant lines and dynamic frame, PXID has applied the geometric elements, simple and stylish design style, show its charm offensive, meet young and fashionable you, experience and fun. More understanding…

  • Joyor electric scooter design

    2019-08-29 498 times

    Joyor electric scooter design: Are you still agonizing about Low battery capacity during long distance trip? PXID always knows your pain spot and creates a scooter with removable plug-in battery that prolongs your trip. Faser speed and longer range assure your wonderful trip. Throw away all the trou…

  • 2019 bicycle folding two-wheel electric scooter design

    2019-08-29 349 times

    2019  bicycle folding two-wheel electric scooter design:The ideal super power, easy to deal with urban roads, we have revolutionized the propulsion, and enjoy greater freedom and convenience when using the U2 scooter. It is equipped with a high-torque motor with a top speed of 25km/h on the flat gro…

  • LuQi Electric Harley car design

    2017-11-29 1,489 times

    LuQi Electric Harley car design:I believe that you can see a lot of handsome Harley in a lot of screens, the Harley knights are riding a tough Harley-Davidson, high-fork and semi-circular headlights, and the roar of the iconic fuel engine. Sound, the appearance is the focus. So for the rider, the fe…

  • Ukaye U1 electric scooter design

    2017-04-12 1,275 times

    Ukaye U1 electric scooter design: Innovative folding method, achieving one-second folding, stable and convenient. When folding, stabilize the handlebar, press the folding lock firmly, then slowly lower the car lever, and the lock on the pole is stuck on the card on the rear fender. The U1 scooter ha…

  • Onebot S6 electric bicycle design

    2017-03-22 1,102 times

    Onebot S6 electric bicycle design: Running, there must be a type. The design of the S6 electric moped comes from the running cheetah. It is brave, brave, and beautiful. This is in line with the passion and sports elements that young people love, and it is very trendy. The body adopts integrated die-…

  • Luqi Harley scooter ID + MD

    2015-08-05 987 times

    Summary: Luqi Harley scooter ID + MD This is a new energy smart electric scooter combining the latest design concept of Nordic fashion. It is the first mobile phone smart operation. The pressure of life, the crowded traffic and the hustle and bustle of the city.