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electric bicycle

pxidshilu 2017-09-21 867 times

Summary: Electric moped editor electric moped, refers to the battery as an auxiliary energy in the ordinary small car on the basis of the installation of motor, controller, battery, switch, brake handle and other control components and display instrument system of electromechanical integration of the vehicle. Charge the battery before use. Electricity in winter...

Electric moped bike

Electric moped refers to the vehicle with electromechanical integration of motor, controller, accumulator, rotating handle, brake handle and other control components and display instrument system, on the basis of ordinary small car with battery as auxiliary energy.Charge the battery before use.

Winter use of electric vehicles you will feel a significant reduction in mileage (more obvious in the north).This is normal.Because of the low temperature environment of a battery charging ability is reduced, in the electrolyte viscosity increases, electrochemical reaction resistance increases, resulting in the decline of battery capacity.Therefore, consumers should avoid leaving the electric vehicle outdoors overnight or charging it in a low-temperature environment when using it in winter