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  • Scooter design

    2018-08-11 76 times

    Scooter design:With both value and strength, PXID's designers use light weight and simple beauty to easily resolve the complex "light" and structural opposition. The light and simple shape is supported by advanced craftsmanship and exquisite structure. The contour is to give a smart atmosphere, to b…

  • 12 inch wide tire electric scooter design

    2018-07-08 44 times

    12 inch wide tire electric scooter design

  • PXID designed 3 wheels powerful electric scooter

    2017-06-28 1,141 times

     E3/E3L-PXID designed 3 wheels powerful electric scooter/ foldable with seat for adult: Unlike most lame-sold scooters, this baby is rear-wheel drive. Do you know what that means? Wheelies, dude. Rear wheel balance. It will be powered by a lithium-ion battery that will automatically charge the batte…

  • Ukaye U1 electric scooter design

    2017-04-12 923 times

    Ukaye U1 electric scooter design: Innovative folding method, achieving one-second folding, stable and convenient. When folding, stabilize the handlebar, press the folding lock firmly, then slowly lower the car lever, and the lock on the pole is stuck on the card on the rear fender. The U1 scooter ha…

  • Shengkaluo non-drive scooter design

    2017-04-11 285 times

    Shengkaluo non-drive scooter design:Vibrant color, slipping out of youthful power. Wherever you go, if you are flat, long-distance taxiing is not easy to fatigue. The scooter double shock absorption system, the front and rear wheels are equipped with suspension spring dampers, the double springs are…

  • Feishen electric scooter design

    2016-08-30 390 times

    Feishen electric scooter design Industrial design and mechanical design

  • Concept smart technology electric folding car design

    2016-08-09 240 times

    Summary: 1, Piaoyu folding electric car first double rear brake design, to avoid tilting car. 2, the Piaoyu folding electric car also increased the brake power off safety system, the brake namely stops the power supply. 3,Piaoyu folding electric car created before and after double shock absorbers, t…

  • Reverse tricycle scooter

    2016-05-28 239 times

    Reverse tricycle scooter

  • Luqi Scooter Design

    2016-03-03 433 times

      Luqi scooter design industrail design and mechanical design of Luqi electric scooter  this scooter adopts suspension deck design, and unlock with electronic card.

  • Off-road electric scooter design

    2015-08-06 287 times

    Off-road electric scooter design

  • Industrial design of Toptrip electric scooter

    2014-02-04 293 times

    Industrial design of Toptrip electric scooter

  • Kuailun 10 inches electric scooter design

    2013-10-23 391 times

    Kuailun 10 inches electric scooter design