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  • 2019 shared scooter design with 18.2ah detachable battery

    2019-11-08 1,436 times

    2019 shared scooter design with 18.2ah detachable battery: Taking into account the power consumption of the shared scooter, the G01 is equipped with a 18.2ah large-capacity lithium battery, and the single-charge cruising range can reach 60km. LED display: can display, power, speed and other informat…

  • 2019 Off-road electric scooter foldable electric scooter design

    2019-10-21 3,395 times

    2019 Off-road electric scooter foldable electric scooter design: Want to have a scooter that is both fashionable and super-powerful? This straddle scooter can meet all your needs. The design is the latest dynamic concept of pxid. Every place highlights the dynamic and temperament, and makes every de…

  • 2019 350W folding electric scooter with 36V 5.2AH removable battery

    2019-10-06 2,315 times

    2019 350W folding electric scooter with 36V 5.2AH removable battery: What do you ask me about pop? I! That's right! it is me. The PXID scooter features a very popular through-taillight group design with an internal LED light source that is especially visible when lit at night. A simple luminous line…

  • China Manufacturer 48V Kick Scooter Lectrique 500W Electric Scooter Adult

    2019-09-22 2,202 times

    China Manufacturer 48V Kick Scooter Lectrique 500W Electric Scooter Adult : An awesome and special sign E-scooter, make it for different groups of people. Special dashboard design, foldable body, removable and adjustable seat, definitely works for any situation. Travel to work, vacation, holiday, et…

  • Assisting off-road scooter design

    2019-09-20 948 times

    Assisting off-road scooter design: Another moped off-road scooter, urban city style, contrast colors all over the frame, creative and fresh, catch your attention in one second. Special front fork and suspension design, different to normal scooter.

  • Shengkaluo electric scooter design

    2019-09-19 1,892 times

    Shengkaluo electric scooter design: In the hot summer days, it is the time to show the hot youth. Whether it is to show fashion on the bustling streets, to sweat on the sports field, or to meet with a small partner for a long trip, there is nothing to be said. About three or five friends, come to a …

  • folding electric scooter design

    2019-08-30 2,943 times

    PXID designed e scooter folding electric scooter with removable battery , perfectly deductive of elegant lines and dynamic frame, PXID has applied the geometric elements, simple and stylish design style, show its charm offensive, meet young and fashionable you, experience and fun. More understanding…

  • Joyor electric scooter design

    2019-08-29 2,230 times

    Joyor electric scooter design: Are you still agonizing about Low battery capacity during long distance trip? PXID always knows your pain spot and creates a scooter with removable plug-in battery that prolongs your trip. Faser speed and longer range assure your wonderful trip. Throw away all the trou…

  • 2019 bicycle folding two-wheel electric scooter design

    2019-08-29 2,090 times

    2019  bicycle folding two-wheel electric scooter design:The ideal super power, easy to deal with urban roads, we have revolutionized the propulsion, and enjoy greater freedom and convenience when using the U2 scooter. It is equipped with a high-torque motor with a top speed of 25km/h on the flat gro…

  • PXID designed 3 wheels powerful electric scooter

    2019-08-28 2,483 times

     E3/E3L-PXID designed 3 wheels powerful electric scooter/ foldable with seat for adult: Unlike most lame-sold scooters, this baby is rear-wheel drive. Do you know what that means? Wheelies, dude. Rear wheel balance. It will be powered by a lithium-ion battery that will automatically charge the batte…

  • Ukaye U1 electric scooter design

    2019-08-12 3,494 times

    Ukaye U1 electric scooter design: Innovative folding method, achieving one-second folding, stable and convenient. When folding, stabilize the handlebar, press the folding lock firmly, then slowly lower the car lever, and the lock on the pole is stuck on the card on the rear fender. The U1 scooter ha…

  • EVO Electric bike design

    2019-04-19 1,327 times

    EVO Electric bike design: Cool and extraordinary, the overall performance is amazing. Unlike traditional electric vehicles, the shape of the EVO gives a refreshing feeling, and the stylish body of the traditional electric vehicle does not reduce any maneuverability. It can be said that EVO seeks bet…