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PXID focuses on the design and development of light mobility tools. The company is committed to providing customers with comprehensive solutions from product concept design to market introduction. The design field covers ID, MD, and human-machine interface design, product PI design, brand design. Innovation is the soul of the product design. Product continues to help companies innovate and win the market.
PXID aims at creation with business value and bases on user, providing client with one-stop service from user’s value cognition to spread of commercial value. PXID create open source platform of mobility tools and explore new heading of human’s trip. PX means the Guide of Taste, Quality and Brand.

  • Luqi Harley scooter ID + MD

    2015-08-05 2,261 times

    Summary: Luqi Harley scooter ID + MD This is a new energy smart electric scooter combining the latest design concept of Nordic fashion. It is the first mobile phone smart operation. The pressure of life, the crowded traffic and the hustle and bustle of the city.