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PXID focuses on the design and development of light mobility tools. The company is committed to providing customers with comprehensive solutions from product concept design to market introduction. The design field covers ID, MD, and human-machine interface design, product PI design, brand design. Innovation is the soul of the product design. Product continues to help companies innovate and win the market.
PXID aims at creation with business value and bases on user, providing client with one-stop service from user’s value cognition to spread of commercial value. PXID create open source platform of mobility tools and explore new heading of human’s trip. PX means the Guide of Taste, Quality and Brand.

  • children’s three-wheel drift scooter design

    2018-12-10 463 times

    children's three-wheel drift car design:PXID Industrial Design has launched a special toy for children - children's drifting car, this drifting car is cute and safe to use, it is a good toy for children.

  • Ultra light folding – electric scooter design

    2018-09-25 883 times

    Ultra light folding - electric scooter design:An ultra-light folding bike, free folding, triangular principle, the body is more stable. The special accelerator, electronic brake and display design add a lot of highlights to the scooter.

  • Electric Little Harley – Electric Motorcycle Design

    2018-09-24 1,218 times

    Electric Little Harley - Electric Motorcycle Design:Do you want to have a gallop and enjoy the freest breath? Don't wait, step on Harley, run to freedom, and start your cool life! PXID designed this Harley to give you different cool experience. The body design is fashionable and elegant, streamlined…

  • Electric Bicycle Design – Option 3

    2018-09-15 649 times

    Electric Bicycle Design - Option 3: It’s time for the product show again. Today ,we show you an exquisite and vintage moped. Anyone can catch your eye, but it takes someone special to catch your heart. Design is also.

  • 200 wheel non-drive scooter

    2017-12-20 919 times

    200 wheel non-drive scooter:This scooter is bright in color, light in weight, stable frame, and provides a quite and smooth ride for your little kid.

  • LuQi Electric Harley car design

    2017-11-29 2,922 times

    LuQi Electric Harley car design:I believe that you can see a lot of handsome Harley in a lot of screens, the Harley knights are riding a tough Harley-Davidson, high-fork and semi-circular headlights, and the roar of the iconic fuel engine. Sound, the appearance is the focus. So for the rider, the fe…

  • Design for kids Scooter

    2017-11-06 596 times

    Design for kids Scooter: It’s a new semester. It’s still a few days before school. Are the children’s equipment ready for school? Some parents may feel that the child is awkward when riding a scooter, but can't say why, it seems that the handle is a bit low and it seems that the posture is incorrect…

  • Songniao Balance Wheel

    2017-10-11 1,376 times

    Songniao Balance Wheel:At the beginning of the design, we hope that it is light and small, so that you can lift it easily and effortlessly. Therefore, we finally chose magnesium alloy as the main skeleton, which makes the balance car only 13.3KG light under such performance. The clever design is als…

  • electric bicycle

    2017-09-21 1,690 times

    Summary: Electric moped editor electric moped, refers to the battery as an auxiliary energy in the ordinary small car on the basis of the installation of motor, controller, battery, switch, brake handle and other control components and display instrument system of electromechanical integration of th…

  • XLsimate Balance Wheel Design

    2017-09-16 1,046 times

    XLsimate Balance Wheel:The smart balance car, the big wheel is more powerful, giving you a different sense of security. Have the courage to move forward, but also have to be steady on the ground. Wear-resistant anti-vibration and anti-skid pneumatic tires, flat soil pavement and speed bumps can easi…

  • Shengkaluo non-drive scooter design

    2017-04-11 1,441 times

    Shengkaluo non-drive scooter design:Vibrant color, slipping out of youthful power. Wherever you go, if you are flat, long-distance taxiing is not easy to fatigue. The scooter double shock absorption system, the front and rear wheels are equipped with suspension spring dampers, the double springs are…

  • luggage scooter for kids

    2016-11-11 944 times

    luggage scooter for kids:Lovely shape, gorgeous colors, personalized 3D design. Based on children's love and personality, PXID is a sleek luggage cart. The scooter and trolley case combine to make children cool. A good partner in the early days of life, let them feel the beauty of the world in natur…