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PXID focuses on the design and development of light mobility tools. The company is committed to providing customers with comprehensive solutions from product concept design to market introduction. The design field covers ID, MD, and human-machine interface design, product PI design, brand design. Innovation is the soul of the product design. Product continues to help companies innovate and win the market.
PXID aims at creation with business value and bases on user, providing client with one-stop service from user’s value cognition to spread of commercial value. PXID create open source platform of mobility tools and explore new heading of human’s trip. PX means the Guide of Taste, Quality and Brand.

  • luggage scooter for kids

    2016-11-11 527 times

    luggage scooter for kids

  • Feishen electric scooter design

    2016-08-30 349 times

    Feishen electric scooter design Industrial design and mechanical design

  • Concept smart technology electric folding car design

    2016-08-09 198 times

    Summary: 1, Piaoyu folding electric car first double rear brake design, to avoid tilting car. 2, the Piaoyu folding electric car also increased the brake power off safety system, the brake namely stops the power supply. 3,Piaoyu folding electric car created before and after double shock absorbers, t…

  • Reverse tricycle scooter

    2016-05-28 208 times

    Reverse tricycle scooter

  • Luqi Scooter Design

    2016-03-03 344 times

      Luqi scooter design industrail design and mechanical design of Luqi electric scooter  this scooter adopts suspension deck design, and unlock with electronic card.

  • 8” swing scooter design

    2015-11-05 155 times

  • Off-road electric scooter design

    2015-08-06 216 times

    Off-road electric scooter design

  • Luqi Harley scooter ID + MD

    2015-08-05 461 times

    Summary: Luqi Harley scooter ID + MD This is a new energy smart electric scooter combining the latest design concept of Nordic fashion. It is the first mobile phone smart operation. The pressure of life, the crowded traffic and the hustle and bustle of the city.  

  • Luqi Balancing Wheels

    2015-05-30 194 times

    Luqi balancing wheels, gorgeous and practical, brief but not simple. We hope that the luqi balancing wheel not only stylish but also durable. We performance the material itself as much as possible, without using any baking varnish, painting process, almost what you see, all its original material. Th…

  • Industrial design and mechanical design of iWALK balance wheel

    2015-03-07 182 times

    It should be light and tiny, as well as strong and durable, so the technology is rather difficult. Its body adopts magnesium alloy as material, which is super light and of high strength. Meanwhile, we conduct strength design and review according to standard of aircraft, and finally we make it that m…

  • Disabled

    2015-03-04 145 times

    Coming Soon

  • Mini balance wheel design

    2015-03-02 146 times

    Make your every travel be a kind of expectation. Life is a amusement part, we all should be brave to enjoy every project. You are listening birds singing in the park with breeze stroking your cheeks in the morning... stop waiting, make mini balance wheel be your wings and set off now. Enjoy the amaz…