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PXID focuses on the design and development of light mobility tools. The company is committed to providing customers with comprehensive solutions from product concept design to market introduction. The design field covers ID, MD, and human-machine interface design, product PI design, brand design. Innovation is the soul of the product design. Product continues to help companies innovate and win the market.
PXID aims at creation with business value and bases on user, providing client with one-stop service from user’s value cognition to spread of commercial value. PXID create open source platform of mobility tools and explore new heading of human’s trip. PX means the Guide of Taste, Quality and Brand.

  • PXID designed 3 wheels powerful electric scooter

    2019-08-28 2,279 times

     E3/E3L-PXID designed 3 wheels powerful electric scooter/ foldable with seat for adult: Unlike most lame-sold scooters, this baby is rear-wheel drive. Do you know what that means? Wheelies, dude. Rear wheel balance. It will be powered by a lithium-ion battery that will automatically charge the batte…

  • Ukaye U1 electric scooter design

    2019-08-12 3,054 times

    Ukaye U1 electric scooter design: Innovative folding method, achieving one-second folding, stable and convenient. When folding, stabilize the handlebar, press the folding lock firmly, then slowly lower the car lever, and the lock on the pole is stuck on the card on the rear fender. The U1 scooter ha…

  • Aiding Electric bike design

    2019-07-28 1,751 times

    Aiding Electric bike design: The simple and elegant appearance, the classic refreshing color is very eye-catching. Not exaggerated, but with personality, matching the passion and sports elements that young people love, very trendy. When you first see TA, you give a young, clean, and stylish feeling.…

  • IWALK folding electric bike design

    2019-07-13 2,288 times

    IWALK folding electric bike design:Confidence stems from the design of the soul, the fashion beauty behind the simplicity, is the design concept of simple life, fun travel. Designed by PXID, this IWALK electric car is based on geometric elements. The design is simple and colorful but not simple. Eve…

  • Pedal-type Harley electric car design – takeaway car

    2019-07-04 481 times

    Pedal-type Harley electric car design - takeaway car:Every Harley has an unruly soul. Experience the wind and rain, overcome the extreme heat and cold, in order to find a beautiful scenery; traveling through thousands of mountains, through the name of a knight, not only honor, but also witness. Insp…

  • Water Drop balance wheel design

    2019-05-26 647 times

    Water Drop balance wheel design:Fashion appearance, trendy design. Adopting the fashionable and trendy design concept, more wisdom will be integrated into the simple appearance design to realize the ingenious combination of science and technology and interesting. As a green vehicle, the Balanced Veh…

  • EVO Electric bike design

    2019-04-19 1,010 times

    EVO Electric bike design: Cool and extraordinary, the overall performance is amazing. Unlike traditional electric vehicles, the shape of the EVO gives a refreshing feeling, and the stylish body of the traditional electric vehicle does not reduce any maneuverability. It can be said that EVO seeks bet…

  • Folding balance wheel design

    2019-03-20 536 times

    Folding balance wheel design:Stylish appearance, trendy design. Adopting the fashionable and trendy design concept, more wisdom is integrated into the simple design, and the combination of technology and fun is realized. As a green vehicle, the balance car is in line with the mainstream trend of fut…

  • 2019 Electric Bicycle Design

    2019-03-01 564 times

    2019 Electric Bicycle Design:This is a refined and retro moped with a smooth overall design. Huayao technology electric bicycle design makes travel faster and healthier

  • Children’s rubberized scooter design

    2019-02-18 1,009 times

    Children's rubberized scooter design:The children's scooter has a detachable design, the handlebar and body parts can be assembled and disassembled, and the scooter is equipped with two front wheels and one rear wheel. This three-wheel design can be more stable during use.

  • 2019 latest electric bicycle design

    2019-02-12 679 times

    2019 latest electric bicycle design: This electric bicycle is an open frame. As the name suggests, there is no horizontal bar at the top of the open frame. It is more convenient to get on and off. You can also call it "women electric bicycle".

  • Super long battery electric Harley design

    2018-12-10 1,491 times

    Super long battery electric Harley design: There is a taste to be more colorful, Harley's cool wild and modern technology fashion, rich personality, more three-dimensional, classic yellow and black color scheme, ignite the dark soul, domineering as you, can be monotonous, Nothing can stop us from pu…