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kids mobility tool

  • Children’s three-wheel adjustable scooter design

    2019-09-10 8 times

    Children's three-wheel adjustable scooter design

  • Children’s rubberized scooter design

    2019-02-18 23 times

    Children's rubberized scooter design:The children's scooter has a detachable design, the handlebar and body parts can be assembled and disassembled, and the scooter is equipped with two front wheels and one rear wheel. This three-wheel design can be more stable during use.

  • children’s three-wheel drift car design

    2018-12-10 26 times

    children's three-wheel drift car design:PXID Industrial Design has launched a special toy for children - children's drifting car, this drifting car is cute and safe to use, it is a good toy for children.

  • Children’s twist car design

    2018-02-20 7 times

    Children's twist car design

  • 200 wheel non-drive scooter

    2017-12-20 407 times

  • Design for kids Scooter

    2017-11-06 185 times

    Design for kids Scooter: It’s a new semester. It’s still a few days before school. Are the children’s equipment ready for school? Some parents may feel that the child is awkward when riding a scooter, but can't say why, it seems that the handle is a bit low and it seems that the posture is incorrect…

  • luggage scooter for kids

    2016-11-11 557 times

    luggage scooter for kids:Lovely shape, gorgeous colors, personalized 3D design. Based on children's love and personality, PXID is a sleek luggage cart. The scooter and trolley case combine to make children cool. A good partner in the early days of life, let them feel the beauty of the world in natur…