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Balancing wheel design

  • Folding balance wheel design

    2019-03-20 29 times

    Folding balance wheel design:Stylish appearance, trendy design. Adopting the fashionable and trendy design concept, more wisdom is integrated into the simple design, and the combination of technology and fun is realized. As a green vehicle, the balance car is in line with the mainstream trend of fut…

  • Patton new twist car design

    2018-06-29 25 times

    Patton new twist car design

  • Suspension shoe design – scheme 4

    2018-05-26 7 times

    Suspension shoe design - scheme 4

  • Suspension shoe design – scheme 3

    2018-04-01 9 times

    Suspension shoe design - scheme 3

  • Suspension shoe design – solution 2

    2018-03-15 12 times

    Suspension shoe design - solution 2

  • Suspension shoe design – program 1

    2018-01-10 9 times

    Suspension shoe design - program 1

  • Songniao Balance Wheel

    2017-10-11 632 times

    Songniao Balance Wheel:At the beginning of the design, we hope that it is light and small, so that you can lift it easily and effortlessly. Therefore, we finally chose magnesium alloy as the main skeleton, which makes the balance car only 13.3KG light under such performance. The clever design is als…

  • XLsimate Balance Wheel Design

    2017-09-16 355 times

    XLsimate Balance Wheel:The smart balance car, the big wheel is more powerful, giving you a different sense of security. Have the courage to move forward, but also have to be steady on the ground. Wear-resistant anti-vibration and anti-skid pneumatic tires, flat soil pavement and speed bumps can easi…

  • 8” swing scooter design

    2015-11-05 185 times

  • Luqi Balancing Wheels

    2015-05-30 217 times

    Luqi balancing wheels, gorgeous and practical, brief but not simple. We hope that the luqi balancing wheel not only stylish but also durable. We performance the material itself as much as possible, without using any baking varnish, painting process, almost what you see, all its original material. Th…

  • Industrial design and mechanical design of iWALK balance wheel

    2015-03-07 204 times

    It should be light and tiny, as well as strong and durable, so the technology is rather difficult. Its body adopts magnesium alloy as material, which is super light and of high strength. Meanwhile, we conduct strength design and review according to standard of aircraft, and finally we make it that m…

  • Mini balance wheel design

    2015-03-02 171 times

    Make your every travel be a kind of expectation. Life is a amusement part, we all should be brave to enjoy every project. You are listening birds singing in the park with breeze stroking your cheeks in the morning... stop waiting, make mini balance wheel be your wings and set off now. Enjoy the amaz…